Restless Rant
Week of July 12 – 16:

A mixed bag of writing seems to be the way for The Young and the Restless lately. I’m loving some aspects of the writing, and not at all liking others. As is so often the case with this soap, the acting stands out regardless of the material. Oh, and three cheers for all the bedroom action! Here are some notes for the week:

Please Don’t Recycle.
Nick always wants what he doesn’t have/can’t have – like a spoiled, immature boy. I find it quite refreshing for Phyllis to have left him and to have pegged his issues so accurately in the process. Michelle Stafford rocked the scenes in which she let loose on Thick Nick at the penthouse – excellent genuine emotion. It was also great for Phyllis to have had that moment of anguished temptation with Jack, but then to decide not to go there for a change. Any recycled love matches would be tiresome at this stage of the game. I’d like to see both Phyllis and Sharon do something other than focus on Nick for a period of time, and I like Jack with Emily for however long that lasts.

Painted Into a Corner?
The chemistry is there for Sharon/Adam/Skye/Nick to become an interesting quadrangle; Sharon obviously loves Nick, but doesn’t seem to have Adam out of her system either. As for Skye, she is a new force to be reckoned with, and a bit of a loose cannon, which would make things interesting. The problem (and it’s a biggie) is that the writers have painted themselves into a corner as far as redeeming Adam into any sort of viable love interest for Sharon.

Cheese Doodles.
I cringed a bit when Billy and Victoria headed to the arcade for another gimmicky date. The moment when Billy admitted he loved her was very sweet, but as for Vikki chasing him around the arcade with her cheese doodles – just no. Their scenes at the Club, interacting with others in the dining room, were much more natural and realistic. When they made love in their room at the Club without speaking it was fantastic. Later, when Billy joked about changing Faith’s diapers it was genuinely enjoyable to watch. Please stop with the, er, cheesy dates!

Mr. Clean Ashby!
It was an interesting choice to have Billy make a gesture to Cane by offering the use of the arcade to give Lily some R&R. I got a kick out of Cane coming armed with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes! Mac’s depression was a focal point, which I find to be quite a realistic point in the story – not having had children before, she couldn’t have known how difficult it would be to part with the babies after carrying them. It’s interesting to me to see what will happen, but again, this story was only featured for a short time this week and then dropped, so it becomes hard to care!

A Giggle.
I definitely had a spontaneous giggle at Victor’s reaction when the entertainment reporter asked him what he thought of his daughter Abby’s stock being on the rise due to a sex tape! Hehe! As much as I’ve struggled with NuAbby, I love how she is such a handful for Victor – she really gets that vein in his cheek throbbing!