Restless Rant
Week of July 5 – 9:

You have to question how great a week it’s been overall on The Young and the Restless, when some of the most compelling scenes were between Michael and Pomerantz, Abby and Nikki, and Mac and JT. I’m looking for some good quality reality-based stories to start unfolding and flowing amid the continuing gimmicks and start-and-stop momentum. Here are some notes on the week:

Spending the Fourth With the Fenmores.
There was plenty going on at Mrs. C’s barbecue this year to keep us entertained, but the snarky exchanges between Jill/Nikki and Jill/Lauren toward the end sort of ruined the vibe. I do get tired of Jill always being on the wrong side of everyone – she needs to be right and/or happy once in a while. I liked the exchange between Tucker and Jill, though, which had some great dialogue and was quite realistic. As for Abby’s scenes, that girl can sometimes give me a headache just by opening her mouth. That said, I’ll admit to giggling at the look on Ashley’s face when Abby threw her naked arms wide and shouted, “Save the Otters!” The best part was the verbal smackdown Abby got from Katherine – beautiful.

Fifties Flop.

I really enjoy the chemistry between Billy and Victoria, but I keep wishing the relationship could be depicted without the bad gimmicky stuff. Billy joins Vikki for a night of watching fifties television shows (huh?), the power inexplicably goes out (but is on everywhere else?), and Billy dresses up in fifties-style clothing?! Oh well, at least the relationship makes me like Victoria, except when she reverts to the age of fourteen during arguments with Billy, and in dealings with her father: “Daddy don’t hit him! I love him!” Gag.

Adam’s Return.
Due to the talent of Michael Muhney, I was interested to see what would happen with the return of this character. So far, it’s not been as compelling as viewers might have hoped. Perhaps if they hadn’t gone the far-fetched route, it might have been better. My eyes rolled a thousand times in a matter of days as Adam whipped up construction paper masks, walked the halls of a sanitarium at will, and went back and forth from Patty’s room via the vents. How did he open her vent? Why did no one notice the vent covers were undone? Where did he get a flashlight? Why wasn’t he noticeably dirty and dusty? As for his chemistry with ex-wife, Sharon, it seems diminished, and I wonder if that’s because of the near impossibility of believing that she could reconcile with him after all he’s done. Where can they go with this? After Friday’s show I’m wondering if they will angle for a Skye/Adam/Sharon triangle. Any takers?

Winters’ Woes Continue.

Neil tells Lily that he has inexplicably dumped all that is good in his own life so that he can spend even more time up in her and Devon’s faces than he already does. Lily faints, and then wakes up certain that everything is going to be all right. Happily, this probably means the cancer story is ending, but it also made me wonder if she saw a vision of new, improved writing for the Winters family! Hope so! Not only were they hardly on this week, but it’s been months since we were introduced to the idea of Malcolm having a secret agenda and working in some capacity for Tucker – some viewers probably won’t even remember that by the time it’s addressed again, or they simply won’t care.