Restless Rant
Week of June 28 – July 2:

The Young and the Restless delivered another mixed bag of tricks this week. Let’s have a look:

Ice Queen.
Was shock the reason behind Lauren’s cold reaction to the DNA results? She had a week to get used to the idea before the results arrived. Regardless of how one feels about Jill, it seemed mean (and out of character) for Lauren to have been so harsh toward a woman who was reaching out and making herself vulnerable. Knowing the disappointments that Jill has suffered family-wise in the past, and considering she just lost her adoptive mother, Lauren could have been more sensitive. Jill’s reaction to the blunt rejection was to call a lawyer – classic Jill – even if it will only make matters worse.

All Wrapped Up in a Bow!
Emily’s problems were all solved and wrapped up with a bow this week thanks to her brother deciding to turn himself in, her heart-to-heart with Patty’s brother, Paul (in which she tells him she will stay in Genoa City), and her decision to forgive Jack and reconcile. It will be interesting to see what happens next considering Stacy Haiduk is said to be exiting Y&R and has landed a new role on Days of Our Lives.

The Dreaded Triangle.
I’m excited that Phyllis seems to be ready to move on from Nick, and if Sharon and Nick don’t reconcile right away, this would mean my dream of Nick being kicked to the curb by both women could come true! After making veritable fools of Phyllis and Sharon for years with his flip-flopping back and forth, this is exactly what needs to happen! Here’s hoping the writers take this storyline in a fresh direction one way or another.

Poor Patty.
After all, Patty isn’t evil – she’s just insane! Stacy Haiduk is so good at playing Patty like an innocent child at exactly the right time, that you can’t help but pity her being tormented by Adam at the very point when she’d finally become lucid! I’m not a fan of this whacked out stuff – let’s just find out if Patty really did kill Hightower (thinking he was Adam), or if Adam’s just going to make it look like she did by having her freak out at all things masquerade ball-related. The baby doll with the pen in its heart was classic Adam!

Happy Hump Day!
Wednesday of this week brought us a delicious gathering of not-so-happy Genoa City citizens at the Chancellor Estate. By now, you all know I love a gathering full of snatched conversations and reveals, and this was no exception. There was Jill telling Billy about their new family ties, with his eye-rolling reaction (it’s gotta be tough living in a town where you can’t even trust DNA tests!), then there was Nina’s reaction to the Chloe/Chance engagement, and finally, there was newcomer Ronan breaking up the fun and making things interesting by snapping at Chloe over her treatment of Nina, which brings me to my next point…

Good Cop, Bad Cop.
Chance and Ronan, naturally! Who else thinks the foreshadowing is pointing to Chance and Ronan being half-brothers? The clues: Ronan’s eyes soften and light up when he gazes upon Nina, he warned Chance he might not be so happy that he came to town, he chastised Chloe twice for her treatment of Nina, and he mentioned his reason for coming back to Genoa City had to do with his mother. Hello long lost son who was stolen by Rose! I’ve been wrong before, but in any case, he’s definitely a bad boy who has a secret agenda. Let me know your impressions of Ronan by voting in’s Detective Ronan Malloy Snap Poll!