Victoria autographing a novel for Kathy!

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a couple of our readers who actually met ex-Young and the Restless actress Victoria Rowell (Dru Winters) on one of her book tour stops! Now sit back, as these two fans describe their up close and personal real-life experiences and how it felt to meet one of daytime’s number one divas!

Kathy K. (aka CantgetenoughYandR), who was kind enough to send along some pictures of Victoria (within the article), started out by describing Victoria’s appearance when arriving at the Madame Walker Theater…

“Victoria was so sweet and kind and just plain down to earth. She is much smaller and delicate in person than she looks on TV and very soft-spoken. She told the audience that she chose to come to the Madame Walker Theater due to its rich African-American History. While Victoria Rowell was in Indy previously she stumbled across this theatre and was told of its historical significance. She felt as though it was fate and said that she became intrigued by Madame Walker and started doing more research. She said she is currently writing a screenplay and hopes to turn it into a movie. This information was shared with us in Indianapolis since the Madame Walker theatre is where she appeared. I thought this was very interesting too.”

Now fans, here’s the really fun part! Kathy was fortunate enough to not only meet Victoria but to sit in on a ‘Questions and Answers’ session, to which she has shared with! Take it away, Kathy!

“When asked if Dru will return to Y&R, Victoria smiled and said that they only found Dru’s jacket and since they did not find her hat (and she added we all know that Dru would not be caught “dead” without her hat) that there is a possibility that we may see her in the future but she did not commit one way or another.”

“When asked if she held any resentment toward her biological mother for the way she was raised, Victoria said that she held no resentment and in fact that it took a great deal of love from her mother to allow her to be raised in an environment that was healthy for her to learn and develop into who she is today.”

“When asked why she left Y&R, she replied that she feels that a woman wears many “hats” and for her, she is a Mother who happens to be an actress, who happens to be a writer, who happens to be a dancer, who happens to be an advocate for children, who happens to be a teacher, who happens to be an interior designer, etc. etc. She felt that for her this was part of her life cycle and in writing this book, it was her way of acknowledging the women who were important in her life and to honor them for making her who she is today.”

“When asked who was a better kisser, Malcolm or Neal, she replied that they both were great.”

“When asked if she based the character of Dru after anyone in particular, she replied that when she was in foster care, there was another foster sister (not her real life sister) who was very street wise and tough but who had a soft side to her. When the writers told her about the character as being a street wise urchin, she knew that she wanted Dru to emulate the personality of her foster sister (who also is mentioned in her book).