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Highlights for the Y&R in the 1980s

Paul Williams and April Stevens (Cynthia Eilbacher) had a fling which resulted in a child named Heather (child actors).  He married Lauren Fenmore but divorced her after she submitted a nude photo of him to a magazine centerfold. Paul took up with Cassandra Rawlins (Nina Arvesen), unaware she was married. The sickly husband George, (Jonathan Farwell), learned of the affair and took his life and framed Paul. Paul faked his own suicide so his father, Officer Carl (Brett Hadley) and Victor Newman could clear his name.  Nikki’s ex-lover, Rick Daros (Randy Holland), a patient at the psych ward, escaped along with Eve Howard. They made off for Europe with some of Victor’s money. Detective Andy Richards (Steve Ford) appeared on the scene and became involved with Jill Foster, Diane Jenkins (then played by Alex Donnelley) and then amnesiac Farren Connor (Colleen Casey). Andy broke up with Jill when she turned to millionaire John Abbot (Jerry Douglas) and married Farren. When her memory returned, she briefly returned to her husband Evan Sanderson (John Shearin) and their child but returned to Andy when Evan was murdered. A detective with the Paul Williams Detective Agency, Andy’s boss, Paul Williams, had a sister named Patty (Tammy Taylor, Lilibet Stern, Andrea Evans) and brothers named Steven (David Winn) and Todd (Father Todd) (Corbin Bernsen). His mother, Mary (Carolyn Conwell), who volunteered for the Catholic Church, became devastated when her husband Carl went missing. Neil Fenmore (Jim Storm) owned a string of department stores called Fenmore’s. He and Joanna Manning (Susan Seaforth Hayes) were Lauren’s parents. John Abbott’s daughter, Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland), and a teen rock star, Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) came into Lauren’s life. Lauren bullied Traci about her weight and Traci became addicted to diet pills. Danny married Traci when she became pregnant with her professor, Tim Sullivan’s (Scott Palmer) baby. When Traci miscarried, the marriage was annulled and Danny performed a concert to promote the message regarding sex: “It’s okay to say no.” Danny and his sister, Gina Roma’s (Patty Weaver) father Brian Romalotti arrived in Genoa City from prison and Jill cleaned him up and changed his name to Rex Sterling.

She used him to con Katherine Chancellor with whom she had a running feud with over Katherine’s husband with whom they were both in love with. The storyline of the decade was Katherine and her portrayer, having a facelift live on the show. Later, Katherine’s troubled alcoholic son Phillip (Thom Bierdz) became friendly with Christine (Lauralee Bell). Her friend Nina Webster (Tricia Cast), a pregnant runaway, gave birth to her baby and wanted to give him up for adoption but Rose DeVille (Darlene Conley) stole Nina’s baby. Nina later set her sights on Phillip and after seducing him, became pregnant. He married her but died while driving under the influence of alcohol.  During Victor’s marriage to Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelley, Susan Walters), Leanna Randolph/Leanna Love (Barbara Crampton) came into his life.  A former psychiatric patient of Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) husband, Dr. Stephen Lassiter, abandoned an obsession with the doctor and was hired by Jack Abbott (Terry Lester, then Peter Bergman) to pen an arresting tell-all about Victor Newman’s life under the name of Nora Randall. After writing the book called Ruthless, Victor divorced Diane and married Leanna. Leanna’s guilt forced her to pen a book that put Victor in a better light – Victor Newman: Man and Myth, but Victor learned of her previous betrayal and divorced her. Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson, Brenda Epperson, Shari Shattuck, then Eileen Davidson again), a chemist at the family owned company, Jabot Cosmetics took over as president when her brother Jack was shot by his bride, Patty Williams. Ashley learned Brent Davis (Jim McMullan, then Bert Kramer) was her father, not John Abbott, and traumatized, she went missing and wound up an amnesiac. She got together with Victor Newman while he was married to Nikki.  

Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) was a playboy, and the Abbott gardener. He married Traci Abbott. He was held captive by his psycho ex-wife, Lisa Mansfield (Lynne Harbaugh) briefly but was saved by Jack Abbott. Later, Brad was drugged and tricked into marrying Cassandra Rawlins. Before he could divorce Cassandra, she died and left him a millionaire.  Nina got together with David Kimble (Michael Corbet). Jill Foster and John Abbot had married but when she cheated on him with his son Jack, John had a stroke and Jill later divorced him. She had an affair with Victor Newman and after feeling spurned by Victor, remarried John. The housekeeper, Mamie Johnson (Marguerite Ray) found out Jill had another affair and told John. Mamie also professed her love for him. Diane Jenkins dated Jack Abbott while he was married to Patty Williams. Diane turned her attentions to Andy Richards after he and Farren split. When that didn’t work, she moved to Europe, leaving Nikki and Victor to get back together and have two children, Victoria (Ashley Nicole Millan) and Nicholas (Marco and Stefan Flores).

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– Christine Fix