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Episode # 12246
U.S. Airdate 11/24/21
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School’s out for summer — and that means that The Young and the Restless is once again bringing in Reylynn Caster as Nick and Sharon’s daughter, Faith. “Surprise!” the actress tweeted on May 25, adding that she is “so happy to be back.”

Not only is Caster reunited with her Genoa City family, but the soap apparently has a humdinger of a storyline in store for Faith. “You guys are not ready for what is to come,” she teased.

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Caster succeeded Alyvia Alyn Lind as Faith.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, CBS

Since viewers have been counting down to Linden Ashby’s return as the villainous Cameron Kirsten ever since Sharon received a blood-stained bottle of bubbly, the smart money is on one thing (Faith’s homecoming) having to do with the other (the baddy’s comeback). The question is… how?

Faith was conceived well after Sharon’s traumatic experience with Cameron, so unless the show is going to rewrite history, the co-ed couldn’t be his daughter. (As it is, Jack, Nick and Billy were all possible answers to that particular “Who’s the daddy?” question.) Could Cameron mean to do Faith harm?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that the young woman was used as a pawn in a troublemaker’s scheme. No sooner was Faith born than she was kidnapped by Adam and given to Ashley as a replacement for the baby he’d caused her to lose. And “harm” is generally what Cameron does. (Review his horrific history here.)

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