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It’s no secret that Audra is shady at best and has had her eye on Nate for some time now on The Young and the Restless. In the beginning, she didn’t keep her flirting with him on the down low and was very obvious in front of Elena and now that she’s seen how close he’s gotten to Victoria, well, her scheme has shifted and she plans to use someone very close to the Newman heiress’ past to get the man she wants.

We can now confirm that Thad Luckinbill will be making a brief return to his daytime stomping grounds as J.T. to reprise the role he created back in 1999. On Tuesday, May 2, viewers will get to see J.T. during a video call with Elena.

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When Audra saw how close Nate and Victoria were becoming, as did Elena, she suggested to his girlfriend that she interview J.T. on her medical podcast. Why? Well, we won’t soon forget that during his most recent return to Genoa City, J.T. was all out of sorts and very abusive toward Victoria. And when Victor found out, and confronted J.T., during a scuffle, Victor fell down the stairs and J.T. left his former father-in-law for dead.

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But the violence didn’t stop there… After sneaking into Victoria’s room, another heated argument ensued and J.T. hit her. However, when Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis appeared, Victoria’s mama took a stand to protect her daughter and knocked J.T. out with a firepoker. Though the women thought he was dead, and buried his body, he returned, very much alive, and in the end, it was explained that a brain tumor had caused his out-of-character behavior. Nonetheless, after having the tumor removed, Victoria forgave J.T., who took full responsibility for what he had done.

JT Victoria Nikki Sharon in cabin on Young and the Restless

So, how will connecting Elena with J.T. help Audra’s cause? Bringing J.T. back into the mix could not only pull Victoria’s wandering eye away from Nate, but knowing that Nate has been cozying up with Victoria, she could either tell Elena or keep the goods to herself and blackmail Nate straight into her bed. Stay tuned!

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