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Last Friday, viewers of The Young and the Restless got to meet Genoa City’s newest kiddo — Mariah and Tessa’s new baby girl, Aria Porter Copeland. And now we wanted to officially introduce you to the little child actors who are appearing in the role… Say hello to twins Millie and Maddie Ingle, the adorable, sweet daytime newcomers, as reported by Star-Kidz.

It’s been a while since Mariah and Tessa decided to adopt a baby of their own, and though it happened off screen, it was so nice to finally see the little family together and back home where they belong. Sharon was ecstatic when Mariah returned to Genoa City and appeared at Crimson Lights. After Mariah teased her mom a bit with the fact that the baby was in town, Tessa appeared with Sharon’s new granddaughter in tow.

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Not only did Sharon comment on how absolutely perfect Aria was, the baby caught the eye of Sally, who is expecting one of her own. The whole scene appeared to make everything a little more “real” for Sally and after asking Teriah how it felt to be mothers, Sally couldn’t help but gush to Adam about the baby girl.

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Aside from Sally, there were a few others, us included, who were so happy to finally meet this little cutie too, so that’s why we wanted to properly welcome the twins to daytime!

And now is the perfect moment to look back on some of soaps’ cutest kids of all time in our photo-filled gallery.