Nikki is out for revenge YR
Credit: CBS screenshot

You can’t go through life as The Young and the Restless’ Nikki without catching the eye of a few admirers along the way — and one of them is about to resurface this month. CBS Sunday Morning correspondent and former Cooking Channel host for My Grandmother’s Ravioli, Mo Rocca, will be back to reprise his role as Victor’s wife’s accountant, Milton on Tuesday, April 18, as reported in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest.

If you don’t recall, Milton had quite the crush on Mrs. Newman and back in April 2014, he went so far as to ask Nikki to run away with him. Though Nikki had clearly been amused, and at the time had been disgusted with Victor for one thing or another, Milton didn’t have a chance and was forced to retreat off into the sunset alone.

nikki milton yr

So, what will Milton be up this time around in Genoa City? It could be for any number of business-related reasons and given that it’s tax season, his appearance could very well be warranted. In fact, seeing as his return date is on the same day that marks the IRS’ deadline to file your taxes this year, well, maybe Nikki and/or the Newmans are cutting it close when it comes to their 2022 financials!

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In any case, it’ll be fun to watch if Milton tries to whisk Nikki off again, but this time, he better have something really good to offer her since she and hubby Victor are on the same page these days — for the most part, anyway.

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