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It’s been almost a year since Rey passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on The Young and the Restless and since then, his fans have rallied for a way for him to come back from the dead. No, not in more flashbacks but in a more permanent way. One fan, Glenda Powell Smallwood, posted a photo on Twitter featuring Rey on the phone captioned, “A twist is coming up! Jordi Vilasuso returns.”

Though no official news has been released, and this could simply be a rumor swirling around the net, Glenda addressed the actor and stated, “I need that to actually happen!” to which Vilasuso replied, “Do I have a twin?” along with a thinking-face emoji.

Fans immediately jumped into the Twitter conversation with excitement and Jermaine King shared a theory… If he wrote for Young & Restless this would be his storyline… “Celeste gave birth to twins, but Adrian sold one to cover a betting debt,” he laid out. “He ends up selling the twin to Sheila Carter. He shows up in Los Angeles [on] Bold & Beautiful to rescue her from Bill, who chases them to Genoa City where we find out that twin’s stepfather is…”

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Well, that’s a good start to a soapy twist — this is daytime after all and stranger things have happened. If Rey did have a twin, it wouldn’t be the first time that card has been played… remember Cane’s evil twin Caleb and how he posed as his brother as a way to help his father Colin make everyone believe that Lily had gone crazy?!

There are so many ways the show could bring Vilasuso back but the question remains… Would you like to see Rey or his twin or even the actor as another character altogether in Genoa City? We’d be here for it!

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