We’re gonna guess he didn’t see this coming!

After making huge waves in their personal lives by cheating, life has moved on for Devon and Abby, who are spending time together in a couple-ish way despite not having made anything official. The biggest source of conflict in their day-to-day has been his issues with his sister Lily at work.

Devon, of course, wants his company back after coming to regret the decision to merge with Jill’s Chancellor Industries, of which Lily is the CEO. In a bid to secure Hamilton-Winters, Devon has brought a lawsuit against Chancellor and — spoiler alert! — it’s all about to come to a head during February Sweeps — and it’s looking like bigger headaches are in the cards for Devon.

According to an Instagram post shared on Friday February 10 on her personal account, Young & Restless star Mishael Morgan is back filming as Amanda Sinclair, who left Genoa City in the aftermath of discovering her man entangled on the sofa naked with his best friend.

The caption on the selfie, taken outside of CBS Studios, said, “So nice to be back, for a few days.” Morgan added, “I really missed you Genoa City!”

But that’s not the whole scoop, folks. While Amanda may show up in Devon’s living room to give him some grief about being so cozy with Abby, the big news is that she’s back for a reason.

Morgan also shared two Instagram stories from the set that dropped some huge hints. In the first, she’s pictured sharing a high-five with another star who plays a lawyer on the soap, Lauralee Bell. The photo of ‘Amanda’ and ‘Christine’ is captioned, “Tons of lines, we can do!” Hmm, two lawyers and loads of lines to remember sounds a lot like a courtroom scene.

Sure enough, the second tease is Morgan on a courtroom set with none other than Bryton James (Devon) and Christel Khalil (Lily), which leads us to think that her ex-love is in for a bit of shock if Amanda returns to act as Lily’s legal defense in the lawsuit. Hoo boy!

Morgan’s scenes should play out around the end of February — or as Michelle Stafford, who plays Amanda’s onscreen bestie Phyllis teases — in March. Stay tuned to SOAPS for exact air dates when they become available!

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