Trouble is once again set to darken a Genoa City doorstep.

Young & Restless’ Jack and Diane recently went to great lengths to dispense of a certain threat that was keeping them from fully indulging in their attraction and rebuilding a life together. Now, believing they’re out of harm’s way, the duo has moved in together and have gone public with their reunion. Well, we’ve got some bad news for them…

Actor James Hyde is headed back to the canvas as bad seed Jeremy Stark and we’re certain he’ll be seeking vengeance.
Jeremy Y&R

According to a teaser in SOD, Stark will get out of jail in the days ahead and turn up back in Genoa City for another go-’round of intimidation and threats. The interesting thing is, this time, he won’t just be tangling with Jack and Diane, but will have a run-in with another Genoa City big cheese — Victor Newman.

Reportedly, Victor will put Jeremy on notice, which makes us suspect that he’ll go to Nikki and Victor for help after being framed for stealing the former’s necklace by Jack and Diane. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to get too far working that angle, which means he’ll have to come up with another way to prove his innocence… and/or take his revenge.

Here’s hoping that this baddie is more bite than bark given he’s returning during February Sweeps. We can’t wait to see what trouble he’ll bring to the Abbott doorstep and who he’ll team up with in his bid to bring down Jack and Diane.

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