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Maybe you’ve read: The Young and the Restless is bringing back Paul Williams and April Stevens’ daughter Heather with her original (adult) portrayer Vail Bloom reprising the role. (If you haven’t read, you can do so here.) What you couldn’t have read — yet — is that when the character reappears in Genoa City in February, she won’t be alone: In tow will be Lucy, her and Daniel’s daughter (whose biomom is Bold & Beautiful nutso Sheila Carter’s late daughter, Daisy).

This time around, the moppet — and my, don’t they grow up fast — will be played by Lily Brooks O’Briant, whose credits include Netflix’s The Big Show, Amazon Prime’s The Tick and Apple+’s Life by Ella (as Ella, no less!).


This is now… that was then.

Credit: Courtesy of Lily Brooks O'Briant, Aaron Montgomery/JPI

No doubt, being reunited with his little girl — and her mom — will lift Daniel’s spirits. But it might also complicate his renewed romancefriendship with former wife Lily. And though Heather and Lucy’s visit is being called just that — a visit — should they wind up relocating to Genoa City for the long haul, things could get too close for comfort.

Of course, Heather and Lucy’s visit also raises big questions… such as: Um, why won’t they be seeing the former’s dad and the latter’s grandpa? We know Paul and Heather haven’t always been tight, but that’s gonna just seem odd. (Perhaps another reason to go this route with the MIA character.)

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