Mishael Morgan leaving? Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

A send-off for Genoa City’s Amanda Sinclair?

Young & Restless’ Amanda (Mishael Morgan) hasn’t been seen since August 5, when her character left to travel to Virginia to help take care of her mother, Naya (Ptosha Storey), who has been suffering from heart-related problems. While Devon (Bryton James) has visited his girlfriend offscreen more than once, and her sister Imani (Leigh-Ann Rose/Denise Boutte) has gone back and forth, Amanda has remained away, which has left fans a little antsy wondering when the Emmy-winning actress might return… or if she’s returning.

Eagle-eyed viewers watching social media will have noticed she was recently on set for a dressy occasion — perhaps the cast photo day, where Young & Restless shot new opening credits. The beauty shared a clip in which she’s absolutely glowing and said, “Ready for my close-up!” You can see that post here.

Prior to that, Morgan was spotted in the make-up room with Young & Restless co-star Christel Khalil (Lily), who enthused, “Monday Mornings and we’re back!” So we know we’re going to see Amanda on screen again soon. But is she staying?

Morgan’s status at Young & Restless is back in question again after a social media post from pal and co-star Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) that sounded a lot like she was saying goodbye and wishing her well on her next venture.

Stafford began, “I have had so much fun with you the past 3 years. I love the friendship we created on screen. And the friendship we created offscreen.” Definitely sounds like someone is moving on!

She went on to allude to what’s coming up for Morgan and stated, “So many amazing things are happening for you and I am beyond excited! The future is yours! This is the beginning of so much greatness.”

Happily, the pair had shot scenes together, so we will definitely be seeing more of Amanda, but for how long? Stafford buzzed, “I love the scenes we shot today. I love you girl. You are special. Never forget that.”

It was the “Go get um!” that ended Stafford’s message that made it sound like a send-off and that Morgan is heading off to follow her star. Many fans in the comments took it as such. Judge for yourself:

If this is, in fact, goodbye — again — and Mishael Morgan is leaving Young & Restless as Amanda Sinclair, we’ll be incredibly sorry to see both the talented actress and the character go. Watch this spot for updates. In the meantime, look back on some of the fun Morgan and Stafford had together offscreen in the hilarious video below:

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