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Is a difficult conversation finally going to take place in Genoa City?

Victoria felt “sandbagged” when Chelsea showed up in her office on Young & Restless asking to tell Johnny that she is his biological mother and that Connor is his younger brother… and it looks like the issue isn’t going away anytime soon (and may be about to come to a head) as the role of Billy and Victoria’s son has been recast…

Chelsea first approached Billy about the matter and asked for a playdate between the boys, which set off Abbott’s radar. Chelsea became emotional as she broached the subject of Johnny being her biological son and the recent life events which have led her to the realization that life is short (Rey’s death). Billy agreed to speak to Victoria about it, but Chelsea didn’t leave it at that… she went to see Johnny’s adoptive mother on her own.

Victoria’s first reaction was mild outrage — Chelsea was over-stepping — but by the end of their conversation she was able to admit that keeping the secret from the boys, who are getting older, could lead to problems.

Johnny knows Victoria is his adoptive mother, but not the identity of his biological mother. He also believes Connor is his cousin, not his brother. Amazingly, there’s an even touchier subject to deal with — one that he almost certainly won’t be told — the circumstances under which he was conceived and the shocking way his existence was brought to light.

Who can forget when Chelsea showed up at Billy and Victoria’s door pregnant and claiming that he had raped her in Myanmar?!? When the truth came out in the wash, it was Chelsea who had drugged Billy and had sex with him while he was too out of it to realize what he was doing… and Victoria’s father, Victor Newman, was bankrolling the con in an effort to break up Billy and Victoria.

Clearly, Victoria and Billy are only going to be able to hold out on the truth with their son for so long. Our first hint that all or part of this tale is going to come out? The role of Johnny has been recast, according to SOD.

Paxton Mishkind, a newcomer to daytime, will assume the role from twins Holden and Ryan Hare, who have played the role of Johnny since 2012.

Take a look at Mishkind in his Instagram post from the beginning of the year and watch for him to first appear beginning on Thursday, September 8.

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