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The Young and the Restless’ Abby’s been insisting to anyone who would listen that her husband isn’t dead and, as it turns out, she was right: Chance is alive and well and coming home to his loved ones. When he arrives later this month — no specific airdate has yet been provided — he’ll have a new face as Conner Floyd steps into the part. No word yet on whether Chance’s new look will be explained (perhaps by the bombing in which he supposedly died) or it will simply be a straight-forward recast. We do, however, have thoughts on what will happen next for not only Chance but Abby and everyone in their circle.

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Above: Say hello to Abby’s “new” husband.

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Viewers will recall that Donny Boaz, the last actor to play the part, left in February of this year, when Chance left town on a mission. A few months earlier, Justin Gaston — the real-life hubby of Melissa Ordway (Abby) — stepped in while Boaz was sidelined after testing positive for COVID. Ironically, the episodes featuring Gaston happened to revolve around Abby and Chance’s marriage, meaning the real-life husband and wife got to become reel-life spouses, too!

Storyline-wise, Abby and Chance went from happily-wed to troubled in a heartbeat when, practically days after tying the knot, the new groom informed his wife that he had a low sperm count and he couldn’t give Abby the child they so badly wanted to have. Though Abby assured him that none of it was his fault, she was stunned to find that he’d disappeared from the mansion.

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It was later revealed that he hadn’t left to take some time for himself, given the grim health news, but rather Christine reported that Chance had been forced to leave and wouldn’t be back for a while. Abby was furious that Christine couldn’t tell her where her husband had been taken to. All she knew was that the Feds needed his expertise for a top-secret mission.

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Just prior to his leaving town, Chance and Abby had moved forward with plans to have a baby via their chosen surrogate, Mariah. But when Chance comes home, he’ll have a lot of catching up to do given all the drama that’s unfolded in his absence. For example, there’s the fact that Mariah was kidnapped by Abby’s ex and wound up becoming even more attached to baby Dominic than she might have been under normal circumstances. And then there’s sperm donor Devon, who has also been spending quite a bit of time with the baby of late.

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If there’s one thing that Chance will be glad to hear it’s just how loyal his wife remained to him… even after the State Department reported that he’d likely been killed in an explosion. Rather than slip into widow’s weeds and mourn her husband, Abby steadfastly refused to believe that he’d died, even vowing to fly to Spain and search for her true love on her own, despite any danger that might present!

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With news of Floyd’s casting, it seems safe to say that Christine and her contacts were wrong, and that the rumors of Chance’s death were greatly exaggerated. What remains to be seen is just how his return will impact the various dramas currently unfolding in Genoa City… and how the events which unfolded during his mission impacted his own state of mind! Meanwhile, as we anxiously count down to Chance’s return, why not check out the photo gallery  in which we revisit his complicated past… which happens to include a previous return from the dead! Or see where he ranks on the list of soaps’ all-time most recast roles in our gallery of characters who got new faces as often as we get mail!

— Amy Mistretta