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Everyone who’s anyone has been invited to Tuscany, Italy for what’s being billed as The Young and Restless wedding of the year. Sure, Victoria is a little less enthusiastic than one might expect a bride to be, and groom Ashland seems to have more secrets than dollars (despite being a billionaire)… but this promises to be the kind of grand affair that nobody wants to miss out on, including one very special guest of honor who’s proven to be quite the draw at recent nuptials.

Already, we knew that Michael Mealor’s Kyle and Hunter King’s Summer would be putting in appearances at Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. But when they arrive on Tuesday, October 12, they’ll have a traveling companion in Harrison, the child that until recently Ashland believed to be his son. “Despite everything that has happened,” says Richard Burgi (Ashland), “he cares very deeply for that little boy.”

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Above: Rather than confuse poor Harrison even more, Ashland wisely took Dr. Seuss’ Are You My Mother? out of storytime rotation.

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Of course, by “everything that happened” Burgi means the twist which led to Ashland finding out Harrison was actually the result of former wife Tara’s affair with Kyle. Once Tara’s many secrets — including having embezzled from her own company — came to light, she wound up behind bars and Harrison moved to Italy to be with his dad and Summer.

Shortly before arriving in Tuscany for the big Ashland/Victoria wedding, Harrison played an important role in another union… although in that case, viewers were not invited. Instead, we heard about Summer and Kyle’s weddings from attendees Nikki and Victor, who declared that young Harrison had been the most adorable ring bearer in the history of ring bearers. Sadly, though several characters have talked about and even shared photos of the event with one another, Skyle fans weren’t given the satisfaction of seeing the long-suffering pair exchange vows.

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Meanwhile, look for the Newman/Locke wedding to unfold over the course of the entire week and include everything from special guests (including original castmember Janice Lynde as Leslie Brooks) and musical performances. Of course, given the secrets coming to light and Victoria’s uncertainty, the big question is whether or not she and Ashland will exchange vows at all!

As we wait to find out how things will play out when this dynamic duo finally arrives at the altar, why not check out this gallery in which we explore the twists and turns which brought Ashland and Victoria to this moment in time.