Elizabeth Leiner exits Y&R as Tara
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It looks as though we have seen the last of Tara Locke — for now anyway. Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Elizabeth Leiner exited the role after her character was hauled off to jail on Friday, August 6.

Tara first arrived in town in March and confirmed that the son she had passed off as her husband Ashland’s was in fact Kyle’s from an affair they had years ago. Kyle quickly stepped up to the plate to be a father to Harrison, but in the process, his relationship with Summer suffered from it.

Kellen Enriquez as Harrison Locke Y&R

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Even though Summer fully intended to stand by her man and be a stepmom to Harrison, Tara and Sally teamed up to make sure she was sent off — and out of the picture — for good. Sally sprung into devious mode and set up a meeting with Eric Forrester in order for Summer to be offered a job with Angelina Marchetti in Italy. Tara then did her part by threatening Summer into taking the job by warning if she didn’t, she would take Harrison away from Kyle for good.

Summer, Tara confrontation Y&R

In the end, Phyllis could not accept that her daughter just up and left her family and the man she loved, and uncovered Tara and Sally’s big scheme — and the fact that Tara had been stealing from her own company — which led to Tara being arrested, and transported back to New York City for her arraignment, and Kyle and Summer reunited.

Jack, Tara, Kyle confrontation Y&R

For those who weren’t aware, Kyle and Summer won’t be seen in Genoa City anymore either. How do you feel about that? Fans shared their thoughts on those characters and others in Soaps.com’s unpopular opinions gallery. Check them out!

— Amy Mistretta