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Well-played, The Young and the Restless. Well-played. Right when the CBS soap had us all anticipating the debut of a new Chance — and seeing whether one of our soap-vet picks had landed the role previously played by Donny Boaz — word leaked that it was, in fact, Abby’s previous husband, Stitch, who was returning to the show, once again played by human charisma machine Sean Carrigan.

In confirming the rumor, TV Insider reported that Carrigan would first appear back in Genoa City in the episode airing on Friday, June 25.

Regular viewers of The Young and the Restless will recall that the doctor — real name: Ben Rayburn — was a pivotal part of Genoa City from 2013, when he was introduced as an old Army buddy of Nikki’s surprise son, Dylan McAvoy, to 2017, when Stitch’s marriage to Abby Newman hit the skids and kept right on skidding all the way to divorce court.

Mind you, the good doctor’s not necessarily back to see if he can pick up where he left off with his former missus. Or better yet, pick up where they left off at a happier time in their relationship. He could also have on his mind Victoria, with whom he had terrific chemistry (and a brief romance), or Ashley, with whom she shared a single night of passion that might have lingered in his thoughts like a Jabot fragrance would in the air.

As you await Carrigan’s reappearance, reflect first on a few of the soap’s recent exits via a jam-packed photo gallery.