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The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Eric Forrester is heading to The Young and the Restless, which is familiar stomping grounds for portrayer John McCook. After all, he spent more than a few years playing Genoa City’s Lance Prentiss.

“Lance and Eric have some things in common,” McCook quipped during a recent chat with Soaps. “Some people even say they look a bit alike, although I’ve never really seen it.”

So what brings the Forrester patriarch to Genoa City? Well, technically, he’s not actually making that trip. Rather, Courtney Hope’s Sally will be heading to Los Angeles, a town which holds more than a few bad memories for her.

This is only the latest crossover between the shows, which have long allowed their storyline threads to intertwine. Perhaps the most famous example? When Kimberlin Brown’s nasty nurse Sheila Carter “died” on The Young and the Restless only to show up soon after at Bold & Beautiful‘s Forrester Creations… where she soon got involved with none other than Eric!

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“He’s made a few romantic missteps over the years,” laughs McCook. “Often, the family will try and talk sense into him, but he tends not to listen. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Where Sally’s concerned, Eric has always had a soft spot for the young woman, if only because she reminds him of the great-aunt after whom she was named. “Eric has always had regrets about the way he treated Sally,” McCook says of the long-ago storyline in which his alter ego mislead the late Darlene Conley’s legendary character. “He toyed with her emotions in a way that he probably shouldn’t have.”

Sally, Eric B&B

While it’s unclear exactly what brings the younger Sally to Los Angeles, it seems likely to be connected to the job she’s hoping to see Summer take in Italy. After all, the company in question has connections to Forrester Creations… and we all know there are no coincidences when it comes to soaps!

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Look for Eric and Sally to get together on the episode of Young & Restless airing on Monday, June 14.

While we wait to see exactly what brings the two together, why not check out this photo gallery, in which we helpfully illustrate some of the high (and low) points of Sally’s time in Los Angeles.