Amanda walk out Y&R
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Things are heating up in the storyline surrounding Amanda and Naya, given that she’s turned to her estranged daughter for help, and now we can put a name to the man smack dab in the center of it! We can confirm that The Young and the Restless has cast Jack Landron to play the role of Sutton Ames, Naya’s father, beginning on Monday, April 5.

Jack Landron cast as sutton james Y&R

As viewers will recall, Naya recently come to Amanda for help — more to the point, to help her family — and explained that a reporter had accused her father, Sutton, of murder. Amanda couldn’t wrap her head around why Naya would turn to her — or more importantly, why she would even consider helping the woman out — that was until, Naya revealed that Sutton was accused of killing Amanda’s father, Richard Nyland. Apparently, Richard was killed in a car wreck and the reporter somehow pinned it on Sutton.

Considering Naya wanted to keep Amanda hidden from her family, as her dirty little secret, Amanda was stunned that her mother even came to her, knowing their relationship would become public knowledge, and as of yet hasn’t agreed to take on the case. If she does, this storyline is about to reach a new level of drama!

Do you think Amanda will represent her grandfather — the man accused of taking her own father’s life? She’s a good lawyer, though some would say the case would be a conflict of interest, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

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— Amy Mistretta