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It’s going to be Winters in Genoa City this spring: The Young and the Restless has tapped Jacob Aaron Gaines to step into the role of the late Neil’s SORAS’d son, Moses.

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The character, last seen in 2016 with Dax Randall playing the part, turns up in Genoa City to bond with his half sister Lily, adopted brother Devon and cousin Nate — which might be easier said than done, considering that Devon and Nate keep sleeping with each other’s girlfriends.

Or is it ex-girlfriends this week?

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Moses, you may recall, was born in 2011 to Sofia Dupre and… Well, at the time, she couldn’t say for sure whether husband Malcolm was the father or his brother, Neil. (Shades of Malcolm/Drucilla/Neil, no?) After a paternity test revealed that Neil was, in fact, Moses’ dad, not his uncle, he and Sofia briefly took a stab at marriage themselves.

Make that… very briefly.

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As for Moses’ new portrayer, you might recognize him from Netflix’s Fatal Affair, with Omar Epps and Nia Long (Kat, Guiding Light), or from the half-dozen commercials in which he’s appeared.

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