Evelina Martinez as Nurse Meredith Y&R
Young & Restless Casts Melissa Claire Egan’s Dear Friend as Chelsea’s Caregiver

Actress Evelina Martinez has been cast in the role of Chelsea’s nurse on The Young and the Restless. The news was shared on social media by none other than Melissa Claire Egan, who revealed Martinez is a close friend of hers and shared a photo of the pair on set together. She captioned it, “How lucky am I that my dear friend Evelina Martinez was cast as my nurse! She’s fantastic!”

Martinez, who is playing Nurse Meredith, a caregiver on site at Adam and Chelsea’s penthouse, also shared the happy casting update on her Instagram and enthused, “Chelsea is well taken care of!!! Nurse Meredith is on her side.” She was first seen on January 6 and 7, and will appear again on January 11. The actress previously appeared as a medical technician on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2015.

This casting news seems to be something of a trend as Melissa Claire Egan’s husband has twice been cast in roles on The Young and the Restless when there was a need for a character to be close to her alter-ego, Chelsea. Matt Katrosar first appeared on Young & Restless as Chelsea’s kidnapper in November, when she was taken from the Chancellor Estate, and held in a small room as Adam endeavored to keep her from spoiling his plans to blow up Newman Towers.

More recently, Katrosar returned to Young & Restless as a paramedic in the scenes where Chelsea was rushed to the hospital after her aneurysm burst and she collapsed in the penthouse.

Between her husband and her friends, it seems those close to Melissa Claire Egan are ensuring that Chelsea’s well taken care of, and that fans can enjoy some realistic closeness in the scenes amid social distancing. If you missed it previously, take a look back on Chelsea Lawson Newman‘s history in Genoa City through our photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Monday, January 11th, 2021


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