Judith Chapman return Y&R Gloria Fisher
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

As many viewers have hoped, Judith Chapman will once again return to The Young and the Restless as the inimitable Gloria Fisher. She took to her Facebook page to tease, “It’s a New Year, time for a new attitude. Glo and I are Hollywood bound. Time to kick a** in 2021. Just do it!!” Fans can expect the actress to first appear beginning on Friday, January 22.

It's a New Year
Time for a New Attitude
Time to Kick A..
In 2021
Just Do It!!

Posted by Judith Chapman on Sunday, January 3, 2021

In a separate post, Chapman revealed she was scheduled to undergo testing on Monday, January 4, in preparation to film at Young & Restless that same week. Given that Gloria’s son, Kevin, recently unearthed the flashdrive she hid at the Chancellor Estate during her last visit to see her new grandson, Miles, fans have been speculating that she might turn up in Genoa City again.

Chapman’s last return took place in October 2020, and Gloria purportedly returned to Hollywood, though her sons were skeptical about her story. It took until December for more of the story related to the flashdrive to come out, which appears to place perpetual schemer Gloria in the middle of a mystery involving money being siphoned from Newman Enterprises and stashed in an offshore account.

Not only are Kevin and Chloe on the case, but Phyllis, having overheard Kevin’s urgent voicemail to Michael on the matter, sensed a way to get back at Newman’s CEO, Victoria, and began fishing for information as well. Bottom line: it’s all about to go down and no doubt Gloria’s boys will be looking to her for answers on what kind of hot water she’s got herself into this time. We can’t wait!

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– Candace Young