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Credit: CBS

It looks like The Young and the Restless’ Kyle won’t have cousin Theo to kick around anymore, as sources say that Monday, December 14, was Tyler Johnson’s final day in the role. Word about his impending exit first came down when the actor broke the news himself over social media on November 2.

The actor made the first cryptic announcement on Twitter — writing “That’s all folks” — followed by a more upbeat post. “Today isn’t an end, but a new beginning,” he wrote. “Thank you to everyone tuned in to watch Theo Vanderway – it was all a blast. The future is bright. Love you all.”

Theo’s had a rough ride since arriving in Genoa City, but the most crushing blow had to be dealing with the rejection of the Abbott family. While Kyle had treated his friend-turned-relative poorly from the start, Dina’s death seemed to bring out the worst where the rest of the clan was concerned. Ultimately, it seemed their actions were what pushed him to hire a lawyer and contest Dina’s will, as payback for all of the years he and his father, Eric, had missed out on. In the end, Jack gave Theo Dina’s boutiques in Paris and the young scoundrel vowed to honor his grandmother’s memory by running them the way she would have wanted.

Johnson’s exit is only the latest in a string of Young & Restless departures in recent months. Need a refresher on who’s left (and who’s exited, only to then return)? We’ve got you covered in this photo-filled gallery.

– Amy Mistretta