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Updated December 4: can share that Eric Braeden will return on screen as Y&R‘s Victor on Friday December 21 (now Monday December 24 due to pre-emption). The actor posted a photo of him and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) along with the news.

On November 20, has learned that Eric Braeden is back to work and taping scenes at the CBS Studios. The actor posted a photo of him with his onscreen daughter Amelia Heinle (Victoria) captioned, “Back on set with my long lost daughter!!” Stay tuned for his return date as Y&R’s Victor Newman.

On September 11, we wanted to alert readers that Eric Braeden’s Victor Newman won’t be seen much in the coming months. The actor told TV Insider that he’s taking the entire month of September off while traveling to Germany and stated, “It is the 60th anniversary of [my] winning the German Youth Championship. I was javelin, discus, and shot put champion. I’m seeing some of my fellow athletes for the first time in 60 years!” As of yet, Braeden has no idea how his character will be written off canvas during that time.