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Melissa Claire Egan exit Maternity Leave Chelsea Y&R

Good new fans, The Young and the Restless fave Melissa Claire Egan will be back on your screens as Chelsea soon — and not via video calls. The actress shared a photo of her character on Instagram and stated, “Chelsea’s missed you all! Excited to be back in Genoa City soon.”

Of course she made it clear that Chelsea wouldn’t be wearing “the mental hospital scrubs,” like in the photo. However, that wardrobe at the time was “good for baby bump hiding [though]!”

Back in July we reported that Egan had been getting ready to head out on maternity leave and on August 21, she and her husband Matt Katrosar welcomed their son Caden Robert Katrosar into their family. Those who follow the CBS soap actress on social media have gotten a glimpse at her little one in various adorable shots with his proud mama.

In September, Egan turned 40 and posted this cool pic of her and Caden decked out in shades.

And just yesterday in a family photo, the daytime star gave fans a peek into the family’s Sunday pumpkin patch outing. “Obligatory pumpkin patch photo! Going great so far!”

Along with news of her return, Egan asked fans, “What do you think is in store for Chelsea when she returns?”

Chelsea calls Adam Y&R

Given that she’s been cooped up with Anita for a while, and helping her mother get back on track after her hip injury, it’ll be nice to see her back in Genoa City again. And, it’s safe to say, considering her conversations with Chloe in regards to Sally, that Chelsea and the red head won’t necessarily see eye-to-eye when it comes to business!

While we wait for her return, take a look at the gallery filled with photos of Chelsea over the years.

— Amy Mistretta

Monday, October 18th, 2021

Ashland keep quiet Y&R

Everyone who’s anyone has been invited to Tuscany, Italy for what’s being billed as The Young and Restless wedding of the year. Sure, Victoria is a little less enthusiastic than one might expect a bride to be, and groom Ashland seems to have more secrets than dollars (despite being a billionaire)… but this promises to be the kind of grand affair that nobody wants to miss out on, including one very special guest of honor who’s proven to be quite the draw at recent nuptials.

Already, we knew that Michael Mealor’s Kyle and Hunter King’s Summer would be putting in appearances at Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. But when they arrive on Tuesday, October 12, they’ll have a traveling companion in Harrison, the child that until recently Ashland believed to be his son. “Despite everything that has happened,” says Richard Burgi (Ashland), “he cares very deeply for that little boy.”

YR ashland harrison couch

Above: Rather than confuse poor Harrison even more, Ashland wisely took Dr. Seuss’ Are You My Mother? out of storytime rotation.

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Of course, by “everything that happened” Burgi means the twist which led to Ashland finding out Harrison was actually the result of former wife Tara’s affair with Kyle. Once Tara’s many secrets — including having embezzled from her own company — came to light, she wound up behind bars and Harrison moved to Italy to be with his dad and Summer.

Shortly before arriving in Tuscany for the big Ashland/Victoria wedding, Harrison played an important role in another union… although in that case, viewers were not invited. Instead, we heard about Summer and Kyle’s weddings from attendees Nikki and Victor, who declared that young Harrison had been the most adorable ring bearer in the history of ring bearers. Sadly, though several characters have talked about and even shared photos of the event with one another, Skyle fans weren’t given the satisfaction of seeing the long-suffering pair exchange vows.

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Meanwhile, look for the Newman/Locke wedding to unfold over the course of the entire week and include everything from special guests (including original castmember Janice Lynde as Leslie Brooks) and musical performances. Of course, given the secrets coming to light and Victoria’s uncertainty, the big question is whether or not she and Ashland will exchange vows at all!

As we wait to find out how things will play out when this dynamic duo finally arrives at the altar, why not check out this gallery in which we explore the twists and turns which brought Ashland and Victoria to this moment in time.

Monday, October 11th, 2021


Three years after she last appeared on The Young and the Restless, Janice Lynde is returning to the show as Leslie Brooks.

The actress, who played the world-famous pianist and living embodiment of the term “unlucky in love” from 1973-77, will turn up in several episodes in mid-October. And, since Victor and Nikki recently saw Leslie in concert when they were visiting Summer and Kyle in Italy, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the world-famous ivories-tinkler will be performing at the wedding of the Newmans’ daughter, Victoria, and fiancée Ashland. (Hey, whether they exchange vows, those guests are going to want two things: drinks and entertainment!)

Janice Lynde leslie "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles09/01/21© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Not only the original Leslie — Victoria Mallory eventually stepped in — but an original Young & Restless cast member, Lynde last appeared on the CBS soap in 2018 when it celebrated its 45th anniversary. You’ll recall that on-screen sibling rival Jaime Lyn Bauer was also on hand as Lorie, the rare woman who ever got the better of the great Victor Newman.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Tom Hallick, Janice Lynde, season 1, 1973 ec

In addition to The Young and the Restless, Lynde was a regular on Another World (as Tracy DeWitt) and One Life to Live (as Laurel Wolek). Outside of daytime, she’s guest-starred on half the series that aired in the ’70s and ’80s, from The Odd Couple to Quincy, M.E., from Family Ties to Night Court.

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While you’re here, brush up on Young & Restless’ history ahead of Leslie’s comeback by checking out a photo gallery full of memories of the show’s entire run. (Yes, it’s long; get comfy!)

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Ashland defiant Y&R

It looks as though we are finally about to get a little insight into Ashland’s past. Soap opera vet Jamison Jones has been cast in a recurring role on The Young and the Restless as Jesse Gaines, as reported by Soap Opera Digest. Viewers can expect to see the attorney arrive in Genoa City beginning on Tuesday, September 21, with information on Ashland’s past.

Jones’ daytime roles consisted of playing small parts on NBC’s Days of Our Lives as Bill (below with Victor Kiriakis) and Kip, as well as on General Hospital. Over the span of 16 years, he played William, Brady and, most recently, in 2020, Dr. Warren Kirk on the ABC soap.

bill and victor days

It’s no secret that many in Genoa City have been working overtime to get the goods on Ashland. Victor, Nick and Billy all know that he got his start by acquiring two news outlets from a wealthy woman, who Ashland deemed a mentor, after she passed away. Considering the cost, the men quickly became suspicious as to how Ashland got the funds to purchase the companies.

Billy, Nick talk Y&R

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And we all know that Victoria hates being kept in the dark. She’s repeatedly warned him about keeping secrets, but Ashland’s defense has always been that though he is a ruthless businessman, he’s never broken the law — heck, he’s even challenged anyone to prove that he did.

Victoria, Ashland past Y&R

Well, we are about to find out just what skeletons lie in Ashland’s past. But the question remains… Will Jamison be a friend or foe and will his presence set Ashland scrambling to hide the truth? Stay tuned!

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For fun, take a look through our gallery filled with photos of memorable Young & Restless rivalries throughout the years.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, September 10th, 2021

Sean Carrigan"The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles10/21/14© John Paschal/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Once Stitch was unmasked as Mariah’s kidnapper, it was clear that Sean Carrigan’s days on The Young and the Restless were numbered. And sure enough, Soap Opera Digest confirms that the actor and his tortured alter ego are indeed out.

Almost immediately upon returning to the canvas in late June, Stitch’s behavior had fans suspecting that he wouldn’t be long for the fictional world. Before long, he’d gone from spying on Mariah to cozying up to Abby in a way that, upon the mom-to-be’s disappearance, quickly made him the No. 1 suspect in her disappearance. Many — including us — hoped that Stitch was simply a red herring who’s name would be cleared once the real culprit was exposed, but that was not to be the case… and that’s a shame.

During Carrigan’s original 2013-17 run, his ruggedly handsome doctor proved popular with viewers, especially once paired with Eileen Davidson’s Ashley. Their forbidden passion — what with him being involved with her daughter and all — was everything a soap storyline should be.

Ashley, Stitch lab Y&R

Above: “Is it getting hot in here or… yup, no other option. It’s definitely getting hot in here.”

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Unfortunately, Stitch’s most recent return was pretty much everything a soap storyline shouldn’t be. Not only did they take the sexy doc and turn him into a creepy stalker/kidnapper, but they didn’t bother playing one iota of romance. And no, “I did it for you, Abby!” doesn’t count as a big, romantic gesture.

Both Carrigan and Melissa Ordway (Abby) gave strong performances during Ben’s big confession, but it wasn’t enough to save a storyline that made absolutely no sense. As viewers, we were left saying, “So hold up… you kidnapped Abby’s surrogate — putting the lives of both Mariah and her unborn child in jeopardy — so you could play the hero by ‘rescuing’ them and Abby would, in a paroxysm of gratitude, declare her love? Sure. That makes sense.”

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The clear intent of the story was to bond Mariah to the baby, and on that level it succeeded. Unfortunately, instead of crafting a storyline which would ultimately make sense — such as Mariah being kidnapped by someone looking to derail Chance’s undercover work — the show simply threw Stitch to the proverbial wolves. (At least his portrayer told Digest that he hopes to redeem Ben someday. Fingers crossed.)

As we say a sad farewell to both Stitch and what might have been, check out our gallery of all the other actors and characters who’ve exited Genoa City of late.

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Robert Adamson noah "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles01/15/20© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

The Young and the Restless’ Noah Newman will look a little lot different when he returns to Genoa City this fall: The CBS soap has recast the role of Nick and Sharon’s son with Rory Gibson, who you may recognize from the TV movies A Night to Regret and Twisted Twin or the movie-movies Grace and Severed Road.

Rory Gibson noah "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles08/20/21© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Above: Gibson will be Noah 2.0. Or is it 3.0? Could it be 4?

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Though the character is a prominent member of one of Young & Restless’ foremost families, as Robert Adamson’s run in the part neared its conclusion, Noah inched farther and farther onto the backburner until finally, he fell off the stove altogether. Adamson, who has a daughter with Bold & Beautiful alum Linsey Godfrey (ex-Caroline), was the third non-child actor to play Mariah’s little brother. He was preceded by Kevin Schmidt, who was replaced by Luke Kleintank (The Man in the High Castle), who was then replaced by the guy he replaced before Adamson stepped in in 2012.


Above: Schmidt replaced his replacement (center) before Adamson was hired.

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In Noah’s last storyline on Young & Restless, he was chagrined to discover that he’d lost girlfriend Tessa to Mariah. Considering that the poor fella has never really had what you’d call a successful relationship, let’s hope he fares better this time around.

While you prepare for Gibson’s debut as Noah, check out our photo gallery of some of soaps’ all-time best recasts. This might work out just fine in the end; ya never can tell!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

kyle summer gallery Michael Mealor, Hunter King"The Young and the Restless" Set Photo ShootCBS television CityLos Angeles02/11/19© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

We have great news for Skyle fans — Hunter King and Michael Mealor will be returning to The Young and the Restless as Summer and Kyle! Soap Opera Digest learned exclusively that the characters will be back for a visit to Genoa City sometime in October. The actors are set to arrive at the studios this week to tape scenes.

Those who have followed King and Mealor’s departures will recall that the actors left the CBS soap opera after failed contract talks.

Summer, Tara confrontation Y&R

Summer had been the first to leave town after being threatened by Tara to either fly away to Italy or risk Kyle losing his son forever. Kyle was devastated but finally relented and was given no choice but to move on without her in order to be a father to his son — but Summer’s mama wasn’t having it. Phyllis continued to dig until she proved that Tara and Sally had teamed up to get her daughter out of the way so Tara could have Kyle all to herself and Sally could further her own career.

Lauren, Phyllis, Tara confrontation Y&R

When the news was revealed, Tara was arrested for stealing from her company, something else Phyllis proved, with Nick’s help, and was sent to New York City to await her arraignment. Lauren fired Sally then Kyle rushed off to Italy to be with the love of his life, where both were reunited and are now raising Harrison.

Kyle kiss Summer Y&R

Even though this will be a brief visit, we look forward to seeing Summer and Kyle back in town — In fact, could a Skyle wedding be in the works? While we wait until their return, look through our gallery filled with photos of Kyle and Summer’s romance.

— Amy Mistretta

Monday, August 30th, 2021

Peter Porte, Doug Davidson"The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles05/22/12©sean smith/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 9905U.S. Airdate 05/14/12

He’s come a long way from The Young and the Restless and his role of Paul Williams’ disturbed son, Ricky. Peter Porte has been cast by Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem as ISA agent Kyle Graham, according to Soap Opera Digest.

No word yet on how the character will play into the action, but seeing as the offshoot’s central plot concerns stolen gems, it’s probably a safe bet that he’ll be chasing after the baubles along with a number of the soap’s power couples, John and Marlena, Ben and Ciara, Eli and Lani, Abe and Paulina, and Will and Sonny (with Young & Restless’ former Fen, Zach Tinker, stepping in for Freddie Smith).

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Hallmark mainstay Porte’s casting in the project is just the latest in a series of high-profile hirings. Already, we’ve reported that Thaao Penghlis and Leann Hunley will be reprising their roles of Tony and Anna, Christie Clark and Austin Peck will be back in action as Carrie and Austin, and original Billie Lisa Rinna will reclaim once more the part that’s also been tackled by Krista Allen and Julie Pinson.

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The limited-series spinoff of the NBC soap, which like Days of Our Lives is headwritten by Ron Carlivati, will air from September 6-10 on the network’s Peacock streaming platform. While you’re here looking into the show’s future, why not also take a look back, via a photo gallery of Days of Our Lives‘ most memorable moments, from its debut… until today.

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Michael Mealor kyle gallery "The Young and the Restless" Set Shoot with Michael MealorCBS television CityLos Angeles05/29/18© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

From the sounds of it, what went down behind the scenes was as complicated as any soap plot. Michael Mealor, a relative newbie to daytime compared to many of his veteran castmates, was in contract negotiations with The Young and the Restless, and as he told Soap Opera Digest, “I was kinda going through the process of it all.”

But “it all” was a lot. So, although the talks are generally ultra-private, “a couple of weeks into it,” the fan fave was about to tape a scene with leading lady Hunter King when he blurted out, “‘I have to talk to you about some business stuff’… It kinda turned out to where I spilled my guts to her.”

At the time, Kyle’s portrayer had no idea that she, too, was in the middle of contract negotiations. But of course, she could understand what he was going through. “It’s difficult,” he said, “because you love the show, and you’re so dedicated to it. It becomes such a piece of your life, and everyone there is… they’re family.”

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In the end, Mealor discovered what many an actor before him has. In making the final decision, “you just weigh all the options… We were just trying to come to a middle ground, and… we ended up just not seeing eye to eye on certain aspects of it.”

Hence, the actor and the soap “decided that this chapter for Kyle, at least seeing him every single day on TV, is coming to a close.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean that his story is over, though. “We may see Kyle again in the future,” he said. (King suggested the same about Summer, even getting more specific on the subject.)

Mealor could even wind up becoming a Young & Restless regular again. “Who knows what happens?” he mused. “With the fan support, maybe Kyle will be back sooner than we think.”

While you ponder the possibilities, check out our updated scorecard of all of The Young and the Restless’ latest comings and goings.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

Elizabeth Leiner exits Y&R as Tara

It looks as though we have seen the last of Tara Locke — for now anyway. Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Elizabeth Leiner exited the role after her character was hauled off to jail on Friday, August 6.

Tara first arrived in town in March and confirmed that the son she had passed off as her husband Ashland’s was in fact Kyle’s from an affair they had years ago. Kyle quickly stepped up to the plate to be a father to Harrison, but in the process, his relationship with Summer suffered from it.

Kellen Enriquez as Harrison Locke Y&R

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Even though Summer fully intended to stand by her man and be a stepmom to Harrison, Tara and Sally teamed up to make sure she was sent off — and out of the picture — for good. Sally sprung into devious mode and set up a meeting with Eric Forrester in order for Summer to be offered a job with Angelina Marchetti in Italy. Tara then did her part by threatening Summer into taking the job by warning if she didn’t, she would take Harrison away from Kyle for good.

Summer, Tara confrontation Y&R

In the end, Phyllis could not accept that her daughter just up and left her family and the man she loved, and uncovered Tara and Sally’s big scheme — and the fact that Tara had been stealing from her own company — which led to Tara being arrested, and transported back to New York City for her arraignment, and Kyle and Summer reunited.

Jack, Tara, Kyle confrontation Y&R

For those who weren’t aware, Kyle and Summer won’t be seen in Genoa City anymore either. How do you feel about that? Fans shared their thoughts on those characters and others in’s unpopular opinions gallery. Check them out!

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, August 13th, 2021


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