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Sean Carrigan"The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles10/21/14© John Paschal/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

We have great news for all of you Stitch fans out there. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Sean Carrigan’s Ben will be staying in Genoa City “beyond his limited run.” The actor created the role in 2013 and recently returned in June after a four-year hiatus.

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As viewers know, Stitch recently accepted a job as Chief of Surgery at Genoa City Memorial. When Abby heard the news, she offered to take him house hunting and they ended up finding an apartment in town. This extended stay will likely play into another storyline — the mystery surrounding Mariah’s disappearance.

A few weeks back, Mariah took off and claimed via text it was a sudden business trip, but Abby and Tessa received news from Jack that he hadn’t been aware of such plans. With Mariah carrying Abby’s baby, the mother-to-be has been worried sick, as has Tessa. And even though they are still receiving text messages from Mariah, who claimed she needed a little time away, their worry hasn’t subsided — and now Stitch has offered to help track her down.

ben spies on mariah yr

Which brings us to a theory — or two — that has been circulating… Could Stitch be the one who kidnapped Mariah because she’s carrying Abby’s baby? Or could his son Max be behind the disappearance? For those who aren’t aware, Max, who is said to be currently hospitalized in a psychiatric facility from the effects of a brain tumor, caused Abby to miscarry her and Stitch’s child when they were married in 2016.

max causes abby miscarriage yr

It’s safe to say things are about to get very interesting as the details to Mariah’s disappearance begin to unravel!

Are you happy Stitch is staying in Genoa City? Are there other characters you would like to see return? We have a few in mind! Take a look at our gallery featuring photos of characters that we miss and would love to see come back to town — if only for a little while.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Michael Mealor out as Kyle Abbott Y&R

Although fans of Michael Mealor hoped against hope that rumors of his departure were just that, the actor himself has now confirmed that he — and alter ego Kyle — will soon be exiting Genoa City.

Upon joining the show in the spring of 2018, Mealor’s Kyle caught fans’ attention early on with a naked plunge in a pool on fictional GC Buzz. This after he returned to town bent on destroying his father, Jack Abbott, and was taken under the wing of his pop’s lifelong nemesis, Victor Newman. Kyle eventually reconciled with his dear ol’ dad and when the patriarch’s paternity came into question, even went so far as to get drunk and dig up Phillip Chancellor’s grave in an effort to get his hands on DNA which might settle the matter. With those antics behind him, Kyle next became embroiled in a classic love triangle involving Summer Newman and Lola Rosales.

Kyle was set to marry Summer — again — when a lover from the past was revealed to have had his child. This put a wrinkle in the proceedings and Summer accepted a job in Italy. Hunter King’s departure from the canvas left fans speculating about whether or not she and her character would return, and of course, about “Skyle’s” fate.

With Mealor’s exit now a soon-to-be-done deal, fans are awaiting both official word of King’s exit and maybe, just maybe, a happy ending (if off-screen) for Kyle and Summer. will update readers with any and all new information as it becomes available. Until then, please join us for a look back at Kyle and Summer’s romantic engagement in the park in our photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

Melissa Claire Egan exit Maternity Leave Chelsea Y&R

Chelsea has been locked away as of late, but it looks as though she will be getting an early release very soon. Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Melissa Claire Egan will in fact be heading out on maternity leave since her son is due sometime in August.

So, how will the institutionalized woman suddenly get sprung from the facility? In the Friday, July 9, episode it will be revealed that Chelsea’s mother Anita will need her daughter to care for her following a hip injury. Yes, you heard that right, only in daytime can someone be released from a mental hospital to tend to their mother’s broken hip.

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Of course, Victor is the mastermind behind having her committed so he will need to grease the wheels on her release papers in order for Dr. Hedges to convince a judge to open the doors to freedom. Not to worry though, the magazine also noted that Chelsea will stay in touch with those in Genoa City, now and then, via video calls, so she won’t be completely missing in action.

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One question remains… Now that Chelsea and her son Connor have been reunited, will she be able to leave the boy behind? Or, will she convince Adam to allow her to take him to be with his grandmother in order to make up for lost time? Stay tuned!

Chelsea has had her fair share of troubles — and caused plenty of her own — over the years. Take a look back at’s photo gallery documenting the different stages of Chelsea’s life in Genoa City.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Tyler, Abby kiss Y&R

Is it a recast, or is it just a coincidence? has learned that Christian Telesmar will debut on The Young and the Restless this week in the role of Tyler, but what we don’t know for certain is whether or not he will be playing Tyler Michaelson, formerly portrayed by Redaric Williams from 2012 – 2014, or whether he is a new character with the same first name.

Fans may recall that Tyler came to town as the younger brother of Leslie Michaelson (Angell Conwell), a lawyer who was involved with Neil Winters and worked at Jabot, where he started a hot ‘n’ heavy flirtation with Lily. When it became clear there was no future in that dalliance, Tyler took up with Abby, who was none too pleased to be confronted by her new flame’s ex, the stalker-y Mariah, who was later revealed to be Sharon’s long lost daughter and twin to the late Cassie. In fact, it was Tyler’s ongoing sympathies for his redheaded ex that caused the end of his engagement to Abby, after which he left Genoa City.

Imagine Tyler’s surprise if he were to return now only to discover that Mariah is Abby’s surrogate and they’re sharing living quarters at the Chancellor Estate!

Christian Telesmar Y&R

Christian Telesmar first appears in Genoa City this week.

Christian Telesmar will appear on Young & Restless on Thursday, July 8 and Friday, July 9, so be sure to tune in and find out if Abby and Mariah’s ex has indeed returned to town, or if this is another Tyler entirely that we’ve yet to meet. In the meantime, look back on the life and many, *many* loves of Abby Newman in our photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Hunter King exit Summer Newman Y&R

Fans of The Young and the Restless have been wondering whether or not Hunter King would return to the canvas after her alter-ego, Summer Newman, accepted a job overseas and left town. It appears the answer is to that question may be, at least for now, “no.”

Although the storyline swerve of Summer relocating could arguably have just been angst for Summer and her fiance, Kyle, on the heels of the reveal that he had a three year-old son with his ex-lover Tara Locke, King’s goodbye scenes with other long-standing cast members felt eerily realistic, as though the actors were actually saying their farewells, and not just the characters.

With no official word from Young & Restless on Hunter King’s status with the soap, or from the actress, fans were left to speculate on whether or not Summer would return from Italy to pick up where she left off once the plot dictated a “Skyle” reunion.

As it turns out, that reunion may take place in Italy and may or may not be off-screen. A report from Soap Opera Digest contends that both Hunter King and Michael Mealor, who portrays Kyle, hit snags in their contract negotiations with the daytime drama, which was the catalyst for King’s reported exit, with Mealor set to follow suit.

Outside of daytime, Hunter King is set to lead a new ABC comedy series entitled, Prospect, in which she’ll play the role of Abigail Lansing. King was cast in the pilot episode of the project, which is a single-camera western comedy with a feminist twist, according to our sister site, Deadline. will update readers with more information if and when it becomes available. In the meantime, join us in looking back on the many faces of Summer and Kyle’s romance in our timeless photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Sean Carrigan"The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television CityLos Angeles10/21/14© John Paschal/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Well-played, The Young and the Restless. Well-played. Right when the CBS soap had us all anticipating the debut of a new Chance — and seeing whether one of our soap-vet picks had landed the role previously played by Donny Boaz — word leaked that it was, in fact, Abby’s previous husband, Stitch, who was returning to the show, once again played by human charisma machine Sean Carrigan.

In confirming the rumor, TV Insider reported that Carrigan would first appear back in Genoa City in the episode airing on Friday, June 25.

Regular viewers of The Young and the Restless will recall that the doctor — real name: Ben Rayburn — was a pivotal part of Genoa City from 2013, when he was introduced as an old Army buddy of Nikki’s surprise son, Dylan McAvoy, to 2017, when Stitch’s marriage to Abby Newman hit the skids and kept right on skidding all the way to divorce court.

Mind you, the good doctor’s not necessarily back to see if he can pick up where he left off with his former missus. Or better yet, pick up where they left off at a happier time in their relationship. He could also have on his mind Victoria, with whom he had terrific chemistry (and a brief romance), or Ashley, with whom she shared a single night of passion that might have lingered in his thoughts like a Jabot fragrance would in the air.

As you await Carrigan’s reappearance, reflect first on a few of the soap’s recent exits via a jam-packed photo gallery.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

John McCook"The Bold and the Beautiful" Photo Shoot on Set with CastCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.10/15/13© John Paschal/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Eric Forrester is heading to The Young and the Restless, which is familiar stomping grounds for portrayer John McCook. After all, he spent more than a few years playing Genoa City’s Lance Prentiss.

“Lance and Eric have some things in common,” McCook quipped during a recent chat with Soaps. “Some people even say they look a bit alike, although I’ve never really seen it.”

So what brings the Forrester patriarch to Genoa City? Well, technically, he’s not actually making that trip. Rather, Courtney Hope’s Sally will be heading to Los Angeles, a town which holds more than a few bad memories for her.

This is only the latest crossover between the shows, which have long allowed their storyline threads to intertwine. Perhaps the most famous example? When Kimberlin Brown’s nasty nurse Sheila Carter “died” on The Young and the Restless only to show up soon after at Bold & Beautiful‘s Forrester Creations… where she soon got involved with none other than Eric!

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“He’s made a few romantic missteps over the years,” laughs McCook. “Often, the family will try and talk sense into him, but he tends not to listen. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Where Sally’s concerned, Eric has always had a soft spot for the young woman, if only because she reminds him of the great-aunt after whom she was named. “Eric has always had regrets about the way he treated Sally,” McCook says of the long-ago storyline in which his alter ego mislead the late Darlene Conley’s legendary character. “He toyed with her emotions in a way that he probably shouldn’t have.”

Sally, Eric B&B

While it’s unclear exactly what brings the younger Sally to Los Angeles, it seems likely to be connected to the job she’s hoping to see Summer take in Italy. After all, the company in question has connections to Forrester Creations… and we all know there are no coincidences when it comes to soaps!

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Look for Eric and Sally to get together on the episode of Young & Restless airing on Monday, June 14.

While we wait to see exactly what brings the two together, why not check out this photo gallery, in which we helpfully illustrate some of the high (and low) points of Sally’s time in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Bryton James as Devon Y&R

If you were a fan of the 80s/90s sitcom Family Matters you are in for a real treat — and a reunion between The Young and the Restless fave Bryton James (Devon) and Telma Hopkins, who played his mom back in the day. The actress is set to make a special appearance on the CBS soap opera, for multiple episodes, starting on Tuesday, June 1, as first reported exclusively by Entrainment Weekly.

James was quick to share his excitement on Instagram, along with the outlet’s then and now photos of the two. “31 years ago, she held me my first day on set,” he shared. “And now, I have the honor of sharing the stage once again with the incomparable Telma Hopkins.” James went on to encourage fans not to miss their upcoming scenes together. This will be the first time James and Hopkins have shared the same screen since their sitcom was canceled back in 1998.

So, what brings Hopkins’ character, Denise Tolliver, to Genoa City? Fans can expect the private detective to deliver some shocking information about Amanda’s past. As we all know, Amanda is currently embroiled in a murder case involving her estranged grandfather and the man he’s accused of killing — her biological father.

Do you have any idea what Detective Tolliver will have to report? We can bet it will impact Amanda and possibly others in a very big way.

Until the information is revealed, to honor Brother’s Day, we invite readers to take a look through our gallery featuring photos of soap stars and their real-life male siblings.

— Amy Mistretta

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Kellen Enriquez as Harrison Locke Y&R

The Young and the Restless’ newest little actor is about to make his in-person debut! Soap newcomer, Kellen Enriquez was cast as Harrison Locke, son of Tara and Ashland — or biologically speaking, Tara and Kyle Abbott. The character was previously only seen in a photograph.

Only a handful of characters know the whole truth about Kyle’s affair with Tara in New York several years ago… and that very small list doesn’t even include Kyle’s father, Jack! If Harrison’s arrival forces Kyle to make it public that the boy is allegedly his offspring (no DNA test has been done), we’re sure his dad will be dismayed to hear that his son kept this huge news from him, and also to learn that his ex-girlfriend, Sally Spectra, was in the loop the whole time. Sally was the one who brought the information to Kyle’s attention initially via Theo Vanderway.

Mariah and Summer also know… but we can only imagine the reactions when Nick and Phyllis find out! While there’s no word yet on the reason for Harrison’s visit, it’s safe to assume that it will cause some amount of upheaval just as Kyle was adjusting to the idea of moving forward without acknowledging his son and getting on with his life with Summer. We’d already predicted that the Lockes would threaten “Skyle’s” wedding plans.

Viewers got their first look at cutie patootie, Kellen Enriquez, in a photo on Kyle’s phone that Tara sent him as a parting gesture before she left town after Ashland suffered a heart attack. Harrison will appear in Genoa City in the flesh on the Friday, May 14 episode of Young & Restless, according to Soap Opera Digest. Tune in to find out what goes down! In the meantime, take a peek at Summer and Kyle’s love story in our gallery.

– Candace Young

Friday, May 14th, 2021

Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair return Y&R

There’s good news for those waiting to find out exactly when Mishael Morgan will return to our screens as The Young and the Restless’ Amanda Sinclair. We have a return date!

It’s been almost two months since Mishael shared news of her eye injury and the ensuing emergency eye surgery that would sideline her from her popular role on the number one daytime sudser. The Young and the Restless was forced to recast the role quickly, and very wisely elected to go with a seasoned and popular actress from their sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

When Karla Mosley stepped in as Amanda the switcheroo was virtually seamless thanks to Karla’s professionalism and grasp of the role. She managed to capture the cool attorney to a tee as she took on her estranged family’s criminal case. But it wasn’t just legal jargon that Karla had to master, she’s also shared scenes with Bryton James’ Devon, who is in a relationship with his late wife’s twin, and rose to the occasion in confrontational scenes with Leigh-Ann Rose, who plays her half-sister, Imani. Not to mention squaring off with Christian LeBlanc’s Michael Baldwin, and none other than the Mustache himself, Eric Braeden’s Victor Newman.

As May continues, Karla will remain in Amanda’s proficient and polished pumps. Mishael returned to the set of Young & Restless in late April to resume filming, but those scenes won’t make it to air until month’s end — in fact, Soap Opera Digest confirms her first scenes will actually air on Tuesday, June 1. In the meantime, look back on photos of Morgan and James in Hilary and Devon’s love story.

– Candace Young

Friday, May 7th, 2021


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