Victoria Newman Abbott (as played by Amelia Heinle on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Victoria Newman Abbott

* Was saved from drowning as a child in the Newman ranch pool by Jack Abbott.
* Attended a Swiss Boarding School.
* Fell in love with Ryan McNeil while working in the Newman mailroom and later eloped, then divorced.
* Married Cole Howard who had been involved with her mother!
* Had a stalker named Gary Dawson.
* On the wedding day of her and Ryan's second marriage, Ryan was shot by ex-wife Trisha Dennison and later died in Victoria's arms.
* Had a fling with Michael Baldwin.
* Moved to Italy after Victor was turned into the Feds for his dirty business dealings.
* Moved back to GC to assume the acting CEO position at Newman.
* Fell in love and married Brad Carlton.
* Tried to create a fake Grugeon Reliquary piece.
* Witnessed Brad kill two men who were after his family!
* Became pregnant and got trapped in the Clear Springs explosion rubble!
* Stayed in a coma as the family battled over whether to save her or her child. The baby was born and J.T. was proven to be the father.
* After coming out of coma, married J.T.
* Became alienated from her father when he married her best friend, Sabrina.
* Made peace with her father and returned to Newman.
* Started dating Billy Abbott after giving him a ride on New Year's Eve.
* Lost custody of Reed to J.T.
* Married Billy and lost their baby after an argument with her father.
* Joined Abby in a lawsuit against Victor.
* Fell into depression after Reed moved away with J.T. and Mac.
* For a while raised adopted baby, Lucy.

Who's played Victoria Newman Abbott over the years?

Amelia Heinle (March 2005 - present)
Heather Tom (1991 - 2003)
Sarah Aldrich (1997)
Ashley Nicole Millan (1983 - 1991)

Past History

Victoria Newman came on the scene in 1983. In her younger years, Victoria had a hard time dealing with her parents divorce and was often envious of the various women who came into Victor's life, mostly Ashley Abbott. Victoria spent most of her youth in a Switzerland boarding school.

Upon her return to Genoa City, Vikki took a job in the mailroom at Newman Enterprises and soon fell in love with the older Ryan McNeil. Against her father's wishes, Victoria and Ryan eloped, but their marriage was short lived after Victoria found herself to be sexually inept due to her immaturity, and the couple soon divorced after Ryan had an affair with Nina Webster.

Victoria's next love would take her to novelist Cole Howard. Staying at the tack house, Cole had been involved with her mother, Nikki, but Victoria was able to catch his eye and the two eloped! Having a healthy sexual relationship with Cole left Victoria wondering what her relationship with Ryan could have been like. Developing a pattern, this marriage, too, was short lived due to Cole having an affair and Vikki not being able to get Ryan out of her head. Before Vikki found her way back to Ryan, she went through a miscarriage with Cole's baby after the divorce, was engaged to Neil Winters, and even found herself stalked by a crazed employee Gary Dawson!

Unfortunately, just when Victoria and Ryan realized that they were meant to be together, his ex-wife Trisha tried to shoot Vikki and ended up killing Ryan after he tried to save Vikki from the bullet on their wedding day. Throughout the years, Victoria had a few relationships, but none of them could make her fall as deeply as she did for Ryan. Vikki began throwing herself into her work at Newman, only to find that she couldn't be a part of her father's latest scandal.

Just when Victoria started a steamy affair with Michael Baldwin, she was forced to face that Michael and Victor were in cahoots to sabotage Jabot during a time when Victoria wanted to make her stand with the Newman cosmetics line. While Vikki was basking in the success of the Newman cosmetic line of what she thought was from all of her hardwork, little did she know that with the help of Michael, her father had bought Newman's rise above Jabot! After her brother Nick found out and turned Victor in to the Feds, without word, Victoria left Genoa City for a new life in Italy where she poured herself into the art world. Months and months went by until one day, Jack Abbott showed up on Vikki's doorstep in Italy offering her the CEO position at Jabot! After luring her back to GC, Victoria couldn't pass up her father's counter-offer to take a co-CEO position with her brother in the family business.

After hiring Brad Carlton, the two developed a relationship. That's not to say that they didn't have their moments. While Brad and Vikki were taking a breather, she ended up having a one-night stand with JT Hellstom! In the end, Brad and Victoria were married, which started a whole chain of events!

In 2006, Although Victor appeared to be supportive of his new son-in-law, he ended up doing a background check on Brad that stirred up many skeletons in Brad's past. Brad was forced to tell Victoria that his real name was George Kaplan and that he and his mother had been running from the law and her past for years! Through a series of events, Sharon Newman ended up kidnapped by the men from Brad's past who were looking for the Grugeon Reliquary! Although Victoria was flabbergasted by this revelation, she worked with Brad and others to save Sharon, but got more than she bargained for after witnessing Brad kill the kidnappers!

Although there were a few select people, Victor Newman included, who knew about Brad's past, Victoria stood by him as they hunted down the people who were threatening their family.

When things went south with Brad, Victoria had a fling with J.T. Hellstrom. She wound up pregnant and unsure of which man was the father. Victoria became a victim of the explosion at Clear Springs and ended up in a coma with her family divided over whether to save her or her unborn child. Ultimately, both were saved, and J.T. was proven to be the father. She married her lover, and they moved into a house on the Newman Ranch.

Victoria's best friend came to town, but her happiness at this development was short-lived, as Sabrina wound up marrying her father! Victoria was angry at them both, and didn't reconcile with her father and Sabrina until she was injured in a car accident and died. Victoria tried to be there for her mourning father and help run his company when he disappeared. After his return, she ran Newman with him, and divorced JT, after her affair with Deacon Sharpe set them on a course for disaster.

Victoria began dating Billy Abbott after rescuing from himself on New Year's Eve. They decided to get married against her father's wishes. She became pregnant with Billy's child, but after Victor had her arrested on her wedding day, she argued with him and lost the baby. Victoria then decided to join Abby in suing Victor.

Victoria learned she would likely not be able to have another baby, so Billy took matters into his own hands. He illegally adopted a baby, unaware she really belonged to Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti. They named her Lucy.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Abby were joined by Nick in their lawsuit against Victor, who made a deal with Adam. Adam lied during the trial and the judge awarded Abby, Victoria, and Nick five hundred million dollars each. Adam was arrested for perjury. Victoria and Nick tried to make amends, but Victor wasn’t interested. Nick and Victoria ran Beauty of Nature together. In retaliation, Victor took Newman Enterprises public and Katherine blamed his children, Victoria included.

Daniel got DNA proof that Lucy was his daughter and worked with Billy to prevent Jana from finding out. Deranged Jana kidnapped Delia and Lucy in an effort to get Kevin back. When they were found safe, Billy finally told Victoria about how he acquired Lucy and that Daniel and Daisy were her real parents. But he promised Lucy would always be theirs.

When Phyllis learned that Lucy was her granddaughter she wanted her with family despite the fear it would make Daisy return. Phyllis agreed to keep quiet, but Chloe used the info to sue Billy for custody of Delia, which shined a light on the illegal adoption. Daniel decided to let Billy and Victoria legally adopt Lucy. Furious, Phyllis wrote a blog about it, which got her fired from Restless Style but brought Daisy back – her ultimate goal. Daisy was given back her rights and Phyllis got temporary custody of Lucy. Billy moved out from guilt. He began gambling and drinking and sold Restless Style to Nick. After Billy lost custody of Delia because of Victor’s manipulations, he went home to Victoria, but soon disappeared again.

Victor forgave Victoria for the lawsuit and she returned as COO.

When Delia was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Victoria and Jack searched for Billy, but Victor found him first and used Delia’s illness to get Billy to agree to never see Victoria again. He agreed and a doctor took bone marrow from Billy and told everyone it was Kevin’s.

After being unable to reach Billy, Victoria searched for him with Jill in Myanmar, and the two had to be rescued by Cane when they got in trouble. Victoria was bumped from a connecting flight as the three returned home and she was reunited with Billy in an airport bar. They made love and he confessed he was the donor for Delia. Victoria resigned from Newman Enterprises and Nick sold Restless Style back to Billy.

When Kevin backed out of his Christmas Eve wedding to Chloe, Billy and Victoria took their place and were remarried. Chelsea arrived in town claiming Billy had raped her in Myanmar and now she was pregnant. Billy arranged a DNA test, and it proved he was the father. Chelsea admitted they had consensual sex and moved into the apartment behind after agreeing to let Victoria and Billy raise the baby. Chelsea’s mother Anita arrived to use the baby to con Victoria and her family out of money.
Chelsea confided in Victoria that Victor promised her Billy if she could break up his marriage, but Chelsea signed papers assuring them the child.

Genevieve hired Victoria to be CEO of Beauty of Nature and Victor accused her of just trying to get back at him. But when Victoria returned from a business trip to find Chelsea missing, she went to Victor for help in the search. She used his helicopter and found Chelsea after she had given birth with Adam’s help in a cabin. Chelsea signed her rights over to Billy and Victoria and they named him Johnny.

Victoria became interim CEO at Newman Enterprises when Victor was missing in L.A. and Sharon was removed for her mental instability. Victoria rehired Nick and stock value rose. It soon plummeted when word spread that Victor died in an explosion. Victor returned however, and asked Victoria to stay on in the company, promising not to interfere in her marriage to Billy. She agreed but was fired anyway when Jack and Tucker took over the company.

While in Miami on business, Victoria was kidnapped by a bitter loan shark of Billy’s. She was rescued by Nick and Billy. She was traumatized but slowly let Billy back in.

At Victor and Nikki’s wedding, an explosion put Adam in a coma. Victoria decided life was too short. She wanted to try for another baby and began hormone therapy. When Adam woke from his coma, Victor announced he would return to the business. Victoria decided to return as well, promising Victor she could juggle being nice to Adam and a possible pregnancy. Instead, she had Adam investigated, but Adam had her fed false information. Victoria hired someone else, but Billy got her to back off and she quit Newman to focus on family.

When Billy began gambling again, Victoria thought he was cheating and left. But Billy got help and they were able to reconcile. Victor hired Victoria back to handle the merger on Newman and Chancellor.

On Halloween 2013 Billy stopped to pick up ice cream after Delia’s school play, and left her and her new puppy Dash in the car. Delia was hit by a car after she let the dog out to relieve himself and chased after him. Billy found Delia on the road she and she died in the hospital. Victoria struggled to give a broken Billy comfort in the aftermath.

Flings and Relationships

Brandon Collins
Tony Viscardi
Gary Dawson
Ryan McNeil (deceased)
Rafael Delgado
Diego Guittierez
Deacon Sharpe
Travis Crawford


Billy Abbott (husband)
Victor Newman (father)
Nikki Newman (mother)
Nick Newman (brother)
Victor Adam Newman Jr. (half-brother)
Abby Carlton (half-sister)
Albert Miller (paternal grandfather)
Cora Miller (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Nick Reed (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Matt Miller (uncle)
Dr. Casey Reed (aunt)
Cassie Newman (niece)
Noah Newman (nephew)
Summer Ann Newman (niece)


Katie Abbott (with Billy Abbott)
Johnny Abbott (with Billy Abbott)
Lucy Abbott (adopted daughter)
Reed Hellstrom (son with J.T. Hellstrom)
Eve Howard (daughter with Cole - deceased)
Colleen Carlton (step-daughter)
Abby Carlton (step-daughter)
Miscarriage (with Brad Carlton)


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