Victor Newman (as played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Victor Newman

* Resides at the Newman Ranch at 421 Larkspur Trail.
* Grew up in an orphanage, then ran away as a teen.
* Built Newman Enterprises from the ground up.
* One of the most powerful men in the world.
* Held his first wife's lover, Michael Scott, in his basement.
* Met the love of his life, Nikki Reed, at the Bayou strip club.
* Had a biography written about his life titled "Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story."
* Took over Jabot Cosmetics a time or two!
* His archenemy is Jack Abbott.
* Boxes to relieve stress.
* Was presumed dead after his car was found with a burned body inside in Kansas.
* Saved Hope Adams from being raped.
* Had his sperm stolen by both Diane Jenkins and Ashley Abbott.
* Blackmailed Michael Baldwin into committing commercial bribery.
* Found guilty of commercial bribery and was sentenced to community service.
* Confronted his estranged father who had abandoned him.
* Created the Market Street Recreation Center.
* Suffers from epilepsy and underwent gamma knife radio surgery to control it.
* Has an intense rivalry with his son, Adam.

Who's played Victor Newman over the years?

Eric Braeden (1980 - present)

Past History

In 1980, Victor Newman settled down in Genoa City as one of the wealthiest men in the world. As a child, his mother was forced to give him up after his father left, leaving Victor to grow up in an orphanage. After his mother never returned for him, Victor ran away and vowed to make something of his life. From the ground up, Victor Newman built his legacy: Newman Enterprises.

Since his first marriage to Julia, Victor has been known to put his job before anything else, which caused more than one of Victor's wives to stray into the arms of other men. When crossed, in both the business world and his personal life, Victor has been branded as a ruthless opponent, one not to be messed with who won't think twice about buying his way to the top to win!

Victor met his first true love after walking into the strip club, the Bayou, and setting eyes on Nikki Reed. Although it took Victor a while to admit his true feelings for "His Diamond In The Rough," the two eventually married a while after the birth of Victoria. Though his love for Nikki was strong, Victor always had a soft spot for Ashley Abbott.

After Ashley found out that Brent Davis was her real father, Victor brought her to the ranch to stay with him and Nikki, which marked the beginning of their love story and of Ashley's feud with Nikki. For years the three would find themselves in love, out of love, threatened by the other, and so on and so forth! After finding out that Nikki had had an affair with Jack, Victor and Nikki divorced, leaving Ashley and Victor to fall in love. However, shortly after Ashley became pregnant, Victor and Nikki reconciled, leading Ashley to have an abortion, which in turn landed her in a mental institution.

In later years, Victor hired Leanna Love to write his biography, but wasn't aware that she had been hired by Jack Abbott to write a tell-all biography of Victor titled "Ruthless" under a presumed name! The real kicker was, Victor thought that Nikki had been behind the book, which exposed Victor's affair with Ashley, and quickly divorced her while she was pregnant with Nick and married Leanna Love! However, Victor later found out that Leanna had written the book and that his nemesis Jack Abbott was the mastermind behind it all! He divorced Leanna and vowed to make Jack pay!

Jack's deception led Victor to take over Jabot and place Brad Carlton as Jack's boss. This feud with Jack went on for years. When Victor and Nikki planned to remarry, Jack found a way to make Nikki fall in love with him and he married her out from under Victor! During a series of events, Victor took a business trip and became the victim of a robbery. Although his family back in Genoa City was told that Victor was dead, Victor made his way to a farm in Kansas and saved Hope Adams from being raped. Victor remained on the farm for a short time, found that he liked the simpler things in life and fell in love with Hope. However, when he got word that Brad and Jack had taken over Newman Enterprises in his absence, Victor convinced Hope to return to GC with him. Although the two had a child, Victor Jr., Hope couldn't adjust to the big city life and returned to Kansas for good, but took comfort in Victor's visits when time allowed.

With Newman back in his hands, and Nikki and Victor finding themselves in the arms of others, Victor swooped Diane Jenkins out from under Jack Abbott and married her! Without Diane knowing, Victor deposited a sperm sample, then had a vasectomy. When she found out, Diane stole his sperm and impregnated herself! However, in the end, it would come out that Nikki had hired a detective to break into the lab and switch the samples - not knowing that Jack's sample was the one used to impregnant Diane! In turn, Ashley stole Victor's real sample and had his daughter, little Abby.

Before Nikki and Victor got back for good, Victor found himself at odds with both of his children and Nikki and Jack - to name a few - over the business dealings in his life. His next big "Ruthless" deception came during the cosmetic war between Newman and Jabot. After blackmailing Michael Baldwin into helping him, Victor bought Newman's cosmetic line to the front of the shelves and in turn almost put Jabot out of business! However, down the road, Nick found out about his father's underhandedness and turned Victor into the Feds! Avoiding jail time, Victor was sentenced to community service, where he built the Market Street Rec Center, ended up paying Jabot twenty millions dollars and his daughter Victoria moved to Italy to get away from the family drama.

Wanting to get back in the good graces of his children, along with wife Nikki's help, Victor managed to regain his children's trust by making Victoria and Nick co-CEO's of Newman, leaving Victor to join forces with Nikki and Phyllis to form NVP. However, tragedy soon came when Victor was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Jack took advantage of Victor's state by convincing him to sell his share in NVP. After returning from a trip in which Victor called a spiritual journey, his seizures became more profound and he finally went through with Gamma Knife Radiosurgery to control his disease.

With his wits about him, Victor found out that Jack used him and his money to secretly regain control of Jabot, leaving Victor on a mission to bring Jack's house of cards tumbling down! However, before he can focus on Jack, Victor found himself in quite the predicament. In an attempt to protect his family from Brad Carlton's dangerous past, Victor and Brad were trapped in Switzerland, while on the hunt for the Grugeon, but made it out alive with the rare Reliquary intact!

In February 2007, Victor found himself fighting alongside his son Nick to save Phyllis and Summer from Shelia Carter's evil clutches.

Once the dust settled from that fiasco, Victor found himself embroiled in the Clear Springs explosion disaster, and holding vigil at his comatose daughter Victoria's bedside. He went to court against Nikki to fight to save Victoria's life over that of her unborn baby. Before a decision could be handed down, the baby had to be born by c-section.

Victor met his daughter's best friend, Sabrina, when she came to town and he hired her as an art curator for his collection. He fell in love and married her, and they conceived a child. Unfortunately, Nikki's new husband David brought the mob into their lives, and Sabrina accepted a ride with David one fateful night and wound up dead. Victor fled to Mexico in search of the mobster that was responsible for the car wreck and went into hiding from his family. Nikki found out he was in Paris and sent Ashley for him, knowing he would listen to her. Ashley and Victor fell back in love and returned to Genoa City.

Once married, Victor and Ashley conceived a child, but it was lost due to the machinations of Adam, Victor's son who was living with them at the time. Ashley continued to believe she was pregnant after the miscarriage and Adam tricked her into thinking she gave birth. Victor and Ashley were given Sharon's newborn as their own. When the truth came out, Victor led a vigilante mission to punish Adam, who escaped.

While searching for Adam in Canada, Victor met Meggie, who eventually showed up back in Genoa City and moved in with Victor and Nikki who were newly engaged after his life-saving heart transplant. Meggie tricked Nikki into falling off the wagon and made it look like Nikki was sleeping with Deacon Sharpe. Victor dumped Nikki, and Meggie was incarcerated after she tried to drug Victor and marry him.

Victor's next challenge came from daughter Abby, who wanted to access her trust fund, and when denied, sued Victor. After Victor caused Victoria to miscarry, she too joined the lawsuit. Eventually Nick got in on the action and Victor ultimately lost the lawsuit. Victor announced he would take Newman Enterprises public and married Diane Jenkins for the second time.

Victor went to prison for murdering Diane. He made himself look guilty to cover for Nikki, who was ultimately shown to have killed Diane in self-defense. During this time, Victor married Sharon to keep Nikki at arm's length.

Sharon and Nikki developed an intense rivalry over Victor, and when he disappeared without a trace following a spill off his horse, Sharon took over the ranch and company with the urging of Tucker McCall. Victor was in L.A. with amnesia, existing as a dock worker and referring to himself as Christian.

Victor was found by Genevieve and Billy, who didn't bring him back right away. This resulted in Billy assuming he had died in an explosion on the docks. Victor turned up in Genoa City just as Nikki was mourning him and Sharon was about to marry Tucker.

Soon after, Victor discovered that Sharon had sold enough of his Newman shares that the company was vulnerable for takeover. Jack Abbott joined forces with Tucker and Adam and they ousted the Mustache from the company he'd built from the ground up.

Victor has been biding his time in trying to take his company back, dealing with his children's resistance to helping him, the ranch burning down, and Nikki's diagnosis of MS in the meantime. There was also a glitch with one plan to take down Jack - hiring a prostitute that turned up dead, and was later found to be the daughter of Congressman Wheeler. Wheeler found out Victor hired her and commenced blackmail, which most recently resulted in Wheeler's henchman taking a shot at Victor at his wedding to Nikki, hitting Adam instead.

At the hospital, Victor listened as Chelsea screamed at him about how he and Adam both grew up without fathers, but all Victor did was reject Adam. Before Adam slipped into a coma, he put Sharon in charge of Newman Enterprises.

Congressman Wheeler was behind the failed attempt on Victor's life because his daughter was the prostitute Victor hired who died at Jack's on New Year's Eve. Jack and Victor worked together and Wheeler was arrested. When Adam woke from his coma, he and Victor ended their war and decided to work side-by-side at Newman.

Victor told his family about their truce and asked his other children, Vikki, Nick and Abby, to all come back to the business, but they all declined. Vicki eventually decided to come on board, despite admitting to Victor she hated his never-ending faith in Adam. When Adam wanted Victor to buy out the Newman shareholders, Victor tried to get all his kids to chip in to kick Adam out. They refused. Instead, Adam bought out the investors himself with Victor's approval, so long as Adam kept Sharon out of his life. Adam agreed.

Victor left for his overdue honeymoon with Nikki to Tuscany but had his assistant Melanie Daniels keep tabs on Adam for him. Adam figured it out and when Victor returned he fired Melanie. She turned to Adam for help but accused him of rape when he refused. Adam was arrested until Chelsea convinced Melanie to drop the charges.

Victor was livid when Nick revealed he never confirmed Summer's paternity and Jack was her real dad, making Summer an Abbott, not a Newman. He warned Jack to stay away from Summer.

When Katherine Chancellor died she left Victor a letter that reminded him that he owed her for the good things in his life, and to not take Nikki for granted. She also left Victor her first edition novels. Adam suggested he and Victor take over Chancellor, but Victor refused out of respect. Victor continued to spy on Adam and began to suspect Jack was Adam's secret investor. Victor confronted Jack, who admitted it. They fought and Adam vowed to be a better father than Victor.

Victor let Jack and Adam have Newman Enterprises which immediately began losing clients to Chancellor. Everyone was shocked to learn Victor was the secret owner of Chancellor named in Katherine's will. Victor offered to buy Newman and Adam and Jack agreed. Cane quit as CEO of Chancellor and Victor hired Victoria to handle the merger of Newman-Chancellor. He hired Noah and Kyle too, but watched Kyle closely as he rightly thought he was a mole for Jabot.

At a family dinner, Nikki shocked the family when she announced Dylan McAvoy was her long-lost son. Victor was upset that she had confided in Paul and not him and warned Dylan to stay away from his family. He wrote Dylan out of Nikki's will, but she refused to sign.

After Victor caught Noah and Kyle fighting, he assigned them to the low performing subsidiary, Bonaventure Industries. Noah told Victor that he thought Kyle was a spy.

Victor began to investigate the hit-and-run killing of Delia Abbot and found things that connected Adam to the crime. He confronted Adam who admitted he never saw Delia after swerving to avoid a dog. Victor offered his silence for access to his grandson Connor. Victor removed Adam from his will and put Connor in. Adam gave legal guardianship to Jack if anything happened to him.

Victor hired a girl who looked like Cassie to scare Sharon in an effort to keep her from Nick. She learned Sharon was keeping a secret from Nick and reported the news to Victor.

Victor threatened to expose Adam when he announced he was moving to Paris. Adam decided to go to the police but was confronted by Billy before he could go. Victor later found Chelsea after she saw Adam's video confession about the hit and run. He vowed to be there for her and Connor.

Jack exposed the fact the Victor knew who killed Delia but had kept it secret to hold over Adam to Nikki and Victoria. After it was learned there was a car crash and it appeared Adam was killed, Victor invited Chelsea and Connor to live at the ranch, but Sharon and Jack reminded her Adam would not approve.

At the hospital, Victoria argued with Victor about what he knew and wanted him out of her life for good.

After Chloe kidnapped Connor and took him to Paris, Victor helped Chelsea get him back on his private jet. ​

Flings and Relationships

Dr. Meredith Gates (while in jail)
Nikki Reed Newman (wife)
Eve Howard (deceased)
Lauralee Brooks (engagement broken)
Cassandra Rawlins
Ramona Caceres


Albert Miller (father)
Cora Miller (mother - deceased)
Matt Miller (brother)


Victoria Newman Carlton (daughter with Nikki)
Nick Newman (son with Nikki)
Victor Newman Jr./Adam Wilson (son with Hope)
Abby Carlton (daughter with Ashley Abbott by artificial insemination)
Noah Newman (grandson)
Summer Ann Newman (granddaughter)
Cassie Newman (granddaughter by adoption - deceased)
Eve Howard (granddaughter - deceased)
Reed Hellstrom (grandson)


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