Victor ‘Adam’ Newman Jr. (as played by Mark Grossman on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Victor ‘Adam’ Newman Jr.

* Son of Victor Newman and Hope Wilson.
* Raised in Kansas.
* Harvard-educated.
* Was engaged to Heather Stevens.
* Alienated from the Newman family after trying to take control when Victor was presumed dead.
* Joined forces with Jack to bring Victor down.
* Proposed to Heather, who then convicted him when he forged Victor's diary.
* Started going blind in prison, resided at Victor's Ranch where he gas-lighted Victor's wife Ashley.
* Faked a gay relationship with Rafe to cover his tracks.
* Married Sharon, but it was revealed that Adam had given her baby to Ashley at birth, and let her believe hers had died.
* Escaped to Brazil after being exposed.
* Brought back to Genoa City by Victor to answer for his crimes.
* Lost a baby with Chelsea by miscarriage.
* Found out he was Connor's biological father after the boy was born.
* After being presumed dead, returned to Genoa City with a new face under the name Gabriel Bingham.
* Was reunited with Chelsea after his true identity was revealed, but had conceived a child, Christian, with Sage.
* Was framed for the murder of Constance Bingham and imprisoned.
* Escaped prison to start a new life with Chelsea and Connor but was declared dead after an explosion.
* Was found living in Las Vegas with amnesia by Victor.

Who's played Victor ‘Adam’ Newman Jr. over the years?

Mark Grossman (May 13, 2019 - present)
Justin Hartley (November 5 2014 - September 8, 2016)
Michael Muhney (June 25 2009 - January 30 2014)
Chris Engen (February 2008 - June 2009)
Celeste and Coryn Williams (1995)
Danielle and Sabrina Helper (1995)
Spencer Klaas (1995)
Hayden Tank (Recurring: December 1996 - August 1997)
(Guest: June 2002)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: High-stakes gambler in Las Vegas
Past: CEO of Chelsea 2.0
Past: Worked at Chicago hedge fund in Manhattan
Past: Executive at Newman Enterprises
Past: Independent contractor for Jack Abbott, investigating the "Paragon Project"
Past: CEO of Newman-Abbott Enterprises (as Gabriel Bingham)
Past: Co-Chief Operating Officer at Newman-Abbott Enterprises (as Gabriel Bingham) with Victoria Newman
Past: Marketing executive at Jabot (as Gabriel Bingham)
Past: CEO of Newman Enterprises
Past: CFO of Newman Enterprises
Past: Partner in TagNGrab website
Past: CEO of Newman Enterprises
Past: Owner of Oak Alley Partnership (hedge fund)
Past: Co-owner of The Newman Fund with Jack Abbott
Past: Bartender at Gloworm night club
Past: Co-owner of The Newman Fund with Skye Lockhart Newman
Past: Executive with Tucker McCall Unlimited
Past: Junior vice president at Newman Enterprises
Past: Executive at Newman Enterprises
Past: Wall Street stockbroker with Keller-Stuart
Past: Real estate agent selling condos in Williamsburg
Past: Student; Harvard Business School masters degree
Past: Student; Bachelor's degree at Northwestern University

Past History

Victor Jr., known as Adam, was raised by Hope and Cliff Wilson (whom he believed to be his father) on the farm in Kansas. He never knew he was the natural son of Victor Newman until this year when Hope passed away from terminal cancer. On her deathbed she told Victor Jr. the truth about his paternity with Victor Sr. present. She urged him to get to know his real father, and Victor offered him a job at Newman Enterprises. He also offered to buy Hope's farm for Victor Jr. in order to keep it in the family. Victor Jr. decided to leave his job in New York City and go work for his newfound father at Newman Enterprises.

Adam Wilson, as he was known in Genoa City, became a success at Newman Enterprises, but when Victor was presumed dead in Mexico, Adam tried to take over the company and fired Neil and Victoria in the process. Victor came back, disowned Adam for his actions and kicked him off the Ranch.

Adam was living with fiancee Heather at the GCAC, but that didn't last long once his part in forging Victor's diary came to light! Heather convicted him and he went to prison. In jail, Adam began losing his sight, so Victor sprung him to come and live at the Ranch with an ankle bracelet. Adam and Heather started seeing one another again, but it turned out he was injecting his eyes with botox to fake the blindness, was gaslighting Ashley Abbott Newman to get back at Jack and Victor, and was fake-romancing Rafe Torres to cover his tracks!

After causing Ashley to miscarry, Adam successfully blackmailed a doctor into helping him take Sharon's newborn and giving it to Ashley to cover his tracks, letting Sharon believe her child had died. Adam wound up married to Sharon, and eventually his ruse was exposed and the marriage annulled. He escaped to Brazil after confrontations with the Newmans at the Abbott cabin and the Masquerade Ball. Victor found him in Brazil, with the presumed-dead Skye Lockhart, and brought him back to GC to face his crimes.

Adam faked a mental breakdown and wound up in the same facility as Patty Williams. He convinced her to confess to a crime (killing Richard Hightower), but when she started telling people she was innocent, he helped her escape from the facility through the ducts and leave town.

Adam and Skye married and started the Newman Fund, which Victor and Jack invested in as a means of bringing Adam down. During this time, Adam got a ride with Sharon in a storm and wound up saving Faith's life. Wanting to be free of Skye, Adam took the money from the hedge fund and left town. Sharon convinced him not to steal the money and to return. Adam, wanting to be a better person, gave the money to Richard Hightower's son and returned to divorce Skye. At this point, Victor tried to frame Adam for Skye's murder, sending her to Hawaii and making it look like she'd been killed in the suite she shared with Adam.

Meanwhile, Adam and Sharon wound up in New Orleans together and made love. Nick and Michael showed up to take Adam back to Genoa City for questioning in Skye's death. Adam and Sharon became consumed with proving his innocence. Sharon went to Hawaii and found Skye alive, but she was killed when she fell into a volcano - leaving Sharon with no proof she'd found her. Jack and Phyllis later went to Hawaii and found the ring Skye had been wearing before she disappeared - enough evidence to clear Adam.

Adam and Sharon moved in together and Adam proposed again. When Sharon was arrested for killing Skye in Hawaii, Adam helped her escape. She went to New Mexico, but Adam believed she was dead and grieved his love. He kept trying to prove her innocence though, which eventually took him and Nick back to New Mexico where he had a near-miss with Sharon.

Once Sharon returned to town after being found out, Adam realized she'd been with Sam and turned on her, tossing the memory card that could clear her into the creek. Adam partnered up with Diane to try to get to Victor, and ended up being a suspect in her death when she was murdered. Adam was seen talking to someone on the phone - it was Patty Williams, who had come back to Genoa City. Adam tried to help Sharon when she got a re-trial by having photos taken of him and Heather canoodling - Heather was the prosecutor in the case. The photos were never used in court as the memory card turned up when the creek was dragged. Adam prepared to leave town, but Victor offered him a position at Newman so he could keep an eye on him. Adam accepted, but it appeared Victor and Victoria were setting him up.

Patty tried to frame Adam for Diane’s murder, but Victor was taken in instead. Nikki admitted to Victor that she had killed Diane, so Victor confessed to protect her. He gave Adam his blessing to head Newman in exchange for his testimony. Still, Victor was given 25 years and Adam was elected CEO. Upset, Nick refused to leave Faith with Sharon unless she got a restraining order against her lover Adam. She did, but they had one last night together, no hard feelings.

Adam showed up at Sharon’s drunk on New Year’s Eve, determined to make it work. But Sharon had just accepted a proposal from Victor. She had Adam arrested and married Victor the next day. She later learned he was only using her to set up Adam for insider trading and she tipped Adam off in time.

As Jack prepped for his wedding to Genevieve, Adam found Patty hiding in the Newman potting shed. He tried to prevent her from going to the wedding to shoot Genevieve, but she blinded him with insecticide before shooting and paralyzing Jack.

Sharon stayed by Adam’s side while he was in the hospital and championed him to Victor, who secretly lined up a specialist for his son and a place for him to recover with Sharon. While recuperating, he gave Sharon Hope’s wedding ring, which she accepted but didn’t wear.

Adam returned to Genoa City and convinced Victor to hire him back at Newman. But when it was revealed he was the one who released Patty from the asylum, Sharon and Victor both rejected him and Jack refused his apology.

Adam met a pregnant Chelsea Lawson at a bar and they commiserated about getting over their pasts. After his sight returned, they remained close as town outcasts. He helped her find out that Jeffrey Bardwell was her father. Jeffrey rejected Chelsea and she ran off, and fell through the ice of a nearby lake. Adam rescued her and delivered her baby in a cabin. She later signed the baby over to Victoria and Billy, the bio dad.

Chelsea and Adam became lovers. Victor offered her ten million dollars to leave town, but she turned him down. When Adam proposed, she accepted. They eloped at the Kansas farm, despite Sharon trying to stop it by professing her love to Adam, then moved into Genevieve’s old mansion. They got pregnant right away while working with Kevin and Chloe on a new online venture, Tag N’ Grab.

Victor was thought to have died in LA, and Adam decided to name their baby Victor if it were a boy. Victor returned after his memorial but Nikki didn’t tell Adam and he learned it on the news. He decided to get away for a while with Chelsea, but Summer hit them on their way out of town and Chelsea miscarried.

Victor went to Adam for help preventing a hostile takeover of Newman, but Adam supported Jack instead. He hid the fact Sharon was the one who burned down the ranch and hired someone to commit another arson. That person burned down Gloworm too. Sharon was diagnosed as bi-polar.

Chelsea and Chloe became close, and thought Chelsea might be a better fit with Tag N’ Grab instead of Adam. Angry, Adam sold his investment to Tucker and ran Newman for Jack. He then tried to help Jack beat his pain pill addiction.

Chelsea became sick of how much Sharon was involved in their lives and told Victor and Nikki that Sharon was the one who burned down the ranch. Adam was furious and they separated. They reconciled on New Year’s Eve however, when Adam promised they would move to Paris together. Adam couldn’t leave when Jack called him to help him when a prostitute died in his house. Chelsea accused him of putting Newman first and they divorced.

Jack left Adam and Billy in charge of Newman as Co-CEO's, and returned to Jabot as CEO. Adam was voted sole CEO and Billy was fired. Adam extended an olive branch to Victor, who shot him down.
Adam and Sharon got close again, and when Chelsea came by one night to tell him she was pregnant, she saw them together and kept her news to herself.

Adam later crashed Victor and Nikki’s wedding and ended up taking a bullet meant for Victor. He put Sharon in charge of Newman before slipping into a coma. When he awoke, he and Victor mended fences and decided to work side by side at Newman, much to Victoria’s dismay. Adam began blackmailing Billy when he found out he was gambling again and Billy got Victoria to back off.

Sharon discovered Chelsea’s pregnancy and told Adam, who confronted her. She told him it was Dylan’s baby and he finalized the divorce. Still, he wasn’t convinced the baby wasn’t his. He tried dating Melanie Daniels, a legal assistant at Newman. But she was a spy for Victor and brought rape charges against Adam when Victor fired her and Adam wouldn’t hire her. Chelsea got her to drop the charges.

When Victor realized Jack was Adam’s backer to buying Newman stock, he denounced him. Jack tried to offer to sell out if Victor could forgive Adam, but Victor refused. Victor later revealed himself to be the secret owner of Chancellor and brought Newman Enterprises to its knees, leaving a mess for Jack and Adam. He bought Newman back from Jack and Adam, ending Adam’s ties to Newman Enterprises.

Adam learned Chelsea’s baby Connor had a degenerative eye disease, and he knew he had to be the father. She admitted it for the sake of the baby, and it triggered Dylan’s PTSD. He held the baby at his family cabin until Adam and Avery found them. Connor’s eye problems ended up being from scarring, and not Adam’s disease at all. He needed an immediate cornea transplant. Upset with the news, Adam swerved to avoid hitting a dog while driving. When he heard Delia Abbot had been killed in a hit and run, he assumed he was the culprit and got rid of any evidence.

Chloe donated Delia’s corneas to Connor and the operation was successful. Meanwhile, Adam was wracked with guilt and began expressing himself anonymously online, unknowingly communicating with a grieving Billy. Billy eventually figured out that Adam was behind the posts and his guilt was exposed. Billy took Adam on a car tour of Delia's favorite spots which ended with a crash when they struggled. Adam was presumed dead when the car caught on fire and rolled over an embankment into water, but actually got out and got away on foot. Adam has been in an undisclosed location recuperating and has watched Chelsea and Connor via a nanny cam he had installed in the penthouse nursery. Adam learned from a mystery woman, Sage, that Billy has moved in with Chelsea.

It turned out Sage and her grandmother Constance have cared for Adam, who was saved by their relative Gabriel Bingham, who died in the process. Sage and Adam let Constance believe that Adam was her grandson Gabriel sporting a new face after having plastic surgery due to extensive burns. While living in Constance's house, Adam was taken by Sage to help a man caught in a bear trap nearby - it was Adam's half-brother, Nick. Adam made his return to Genoa City using Gabriel's identity, with Sage tagging along to warn him about the consequences of being found out. Adam made contact with Victor, Sharon, Chelsea and Connor, and Billy, all without being recognized as Adam. He elected, however, to reveal himself to Jack, who after some convincing, believed Adam was alive and sucker punched him. Adam's reveal left Jack in a quandry about what to do with the knowledge, and Adam convinced Jack that he'd be protecting Billy from himself by keeping his secret. Adam reconnected with Chelsea as Gabriel and eventually had sex with her, even though she was engaged to Billy. At her wedding, Billy exposed her for sleeping with 'Gabriel' and left her at the altar. Meanwhile, Sage had taken up with Nick and became pregnant. Adam demanded a paternity test, knowing it could be his child. At the same time, Adam figured out, while working with Jack, that he was actually an imposter, Marco Annicelli. When Victor was arrested for shooting Jack, he made 'Gabriel' CEO of Newman Enterprises, where he worked with Chelsea on her line, Chelsea 2.0. One day in Victor's office, Chelsea overheard him refer to himself as Adam and his true identity came out.

After Chelsea found out Adam may have fathered Sage's baby, she took off with Connor to Paris. Adam followed, they reunited, and a plan was made to begin a new life in France, but they returned to let Victor know their plans and he refused to relinquish Chelsea 2.0 so they stayed in their penthouse in Genoa City. Adam had become entangled with Ian Ward while pretending to be Gabriel and Ward's Paragon Project worm affected Chelsea's line. As he dealt with this, he encountered Sage in the park and she went into labor. Adam delivered her son and saved his life by performing infant CPR. Adam was soon arrested for Delia's death and faced trial. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was hit by a car (driven by Chloe) after leaving the courthouse. An appeal was launched by Victor. Adam showed up at the Newman Towers Halloween party and when a fire broke out, he confronted Ian Ward and left him for dead, before saving the lives of Ben, Abby, and Ashley. Hailed as a hero, Adam's sentenced was reduced to five years probation and community service. By this time, Victor knew that Sage's baby was actually Adam's, not Nick's, and held it over his head. Adam eventually told Chelsea so as to take away Victor's leverage over him. Chelsea's line reverted to her when Victor was sent to jail for the Marco Annicelli switch and Adam became her company's CEO.

When Sage died in a shocking accident, Adam and Chelsea learned of a note she had left thanking him for keeping the secret of Christian's true paternity and allowing Nick to believe the boy was his. They burned the note. After Chelsea and Adam performed their own remarriage ceremony, a journal purportedly belonging to Sage was found and claimed Adam had murdered Constance Bingham. Adam believed Victor had framed him, but Victor exonerated him in court before saving Nikki and Phyllis from Ian Ward, who had resurfaced. Victor offered Adam the evidence that would clear him if he would return to work at Newman. Adam refused the offer, and struck a plea deal, that would leave him behind bars for thirty years. After becoming depressed and not eating or sleeping, Adam attacked a guard while hallucinating it was Victor and got ten additional years. As he was taken out of the courtroom, Adam was abducted and regained consciousness in a cabin, where Victor had stashed him. With Nikki's help, Chelsea and Connor were spirited away to join him. However, Chloe had learned of the secret passageway in the penthouse and followed, where she confronted Adam and shot him with a tranquilizer dart when Nick took Chelsea and Connor to see a doctor after the boy ran a high fever. Chelsea and Nick returned to the cabin just as it was rocked by a massive explosion. Adam was later declared dead after his DNA was found and identified.

Following Adam's death, Chelsea fell into a relationship with Nick, as Adam had asked his brother to look out for Connor should anything ever happen to him. When Chelsea was exposed for extorting money, the truth also came out about Christian's paternity. Chelsea headed out of Genoa City with both boys, but turned around and left Christian with Nick, the only father he'd ever known. About a year passed and Victor began taking mysterious trips to Las Vegas. When Nikki hired Rey Rosales to investigate what her husband was up to, he took his new love, Sharon, with him to Sin City. There, Victor learned of their arrival and took Sharon aside privately and revealed that Adam was alive and participating in high-stakes gambling under the name Spider. He had survived the explosion but suffered amnesia and had no recollection of his life before then or his true identity.

Past Marriages

Sharon Newman (Married December 28, 2009; annulled March 17, 2010)
Skye Lockhart Newman (Married July 12, 2010; widowed December 29, 2010)
Sage Newman (Posed as married when Gabriel Bingham)
Chelsea Newman (Married July 20, 2012; divorced April 25, 2013; remarried January 23, 2014)

Flings and Relationships

Melanie Daniels (dated)
Heather Stevens (ex-fiancee)
Rafe Torres


Victor Newman (father)
Hope_Adams_Wilson (mother)
Nick Newman (half-brother)
Victoria Newman (half-sister)
Noah Newman (nephew)
Summer Newman (niece)
Cassie Newman (niece through adoption - deceased)
Reed Hellstrom (nephew)
Johnny Abbott (nephew)
Katie Abbott (niece)


Riley Newman (son with Chelsea; miscarriage)
Conner Newman (son with Chelsea born August 9, 2013)
Christian Newman (son with Sage born October 7, 2015)


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