Travis Crawford (as played by Michael Roark on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Travis Crawford

* Owner and bartender of Hank's Bar.
* Was a sympathetic ear to Victoria Newman about work, although she told him she was a receptionist named Tori.
* Was photographed slow dancing with Victoria by someone hired by Luca Santori.
* Slept with Victoria.

Who's played Travis Crawford over the years?

Michael Roark (April 29, 2016 - present)

Past History

Travis first arrived in Genoa City on April 29, 2016, the mysterious new bartender at Hank's Bar. Victoria had been spending time at the bar and struck up a conversation with Travis, though she told him her name was Tori and she was a receptionist. The commiserated over their dislike of bigwig businessmen. After a few friendly encounters Travis took "Tori" for a spin on the dance floor, where their actions were photographed by a person hired by Luca Santori.

After some serious flirting, Travis and Victoria slept together but she told him the next day they could never be together again.

Flings and Relationships

Victoria Newman (lovers)
Michelle Hazelton (affair)


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