Sofia Dupre Winters (as played by Julia Pace Mitchell on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Sofia Dupre Winters

* Came to Genoa City from Berlin.
* Was married to Malcolm Winters.
* Works for Tucker McCall.
* Married Malcolm's brother, Neil, after having his baby.

Who's played Sofia Dupre Winters over the years?

Julia Pace Mitchell (July 20 - October 9, 2012)

Past History

Sofia was brought to Genoa City by her boss, Tucker McCall. It was revealed that she is also Malcolm Winter's fiancee. Sofia lost her job and Malcolm's respect after helping Cane out. Realizing she was only helping for the family's sake, Neil went easy on her and they wound up sleeping together. Afterward, Malcolm forgave her and wanted to marry her again. Neil convinced Tucker to re-hire Sofia.

Sofia and Malcolm were married, and soon after Sofia found out she was pregnant and realized that the baby could be either Neil's or Malcolm's. Olivia helped her dupe Neil into believing it couldn't be his child. Sofia did battle with Katherine Chancellor over Tucker's business concerns while he lies in a coma. Sofia's child was born with both Malcolm and Neil in attendance. Immediately following the birth, Neil was proven to be the biological father. Malcolm pushed Sofia to get a quickie divorce and left town. Sofia and her son, Moses, went from the hospital to Neil's house. He suggested they get married following Moses' christening, and Sofia took him up on his offer, regardless of the fact that she was unsure of his feelings for her. Sofia and Neil married, and he vowed to work with her to see where the union could go.

Flings and Relationships

Neil Winters (husband)




Moses (son with Neil Winters)


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