Sierra Hoffman (as played by Asia Smith on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Sierra Hoffman

* Single.
* Best friend to Colleen Carlton and Lily Winters.
* Helped Lily reached out to Kevin Fisher before they really knew who he was.
* Went with Devon to see his mother who was on drugs.

Who's played Sierra Hoffman over the years?

Asia Smith (2003 - present)

Past History

Sierra Hoffman first came on the scene in 2003 as the best friend of Lily Winters and Colleen Carlton. The girls attended Walnut Grove Academy together and later enrolled at Genoa City University. Although Sierra seems to have her hands full with studying and such, she's always around when a friend calls�

She was there for Lily during the whole Kevin Fisher scandal, helped Colleen mend her broken heart after things went south with JT and once again covered for Lily for a time while she was on the run with Daniel. Sierra even befriended the much younger Cassie Newman and went on to give Cassie advice on how to act her age when the young girl showed interest in appealing to the 'older boys.'

The most memorable act of kindness came when Sierra supported Devon Hamilton through a time when he was lost in his emotions over his drug-addicted mother. Sierra went with Devon for moral support after he finally decided to visit his mother, made him see that his foster parents, Drucilla and Neil Winters, loved him as though he were their own, and encouraged him to look into his heart for forgiveness to those who wronged him as a child.

The young crowd in Genoa City is very lucky to have a friend like Sierra by their side!

Flings and Relationships



Name Unknown (mother)
Name Unknown (father)




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