Ryder Callahan (as played by Wilson Bethel on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Ryder Callahan

* Came to town with Deacon Sharpe
* His mother is giving Deacon and Ryder assignments
* He told Kevin Fisher that they have the same father
* A DNA test proved he is Kevin's brother
* Confessed to killing the man in the alley during the Terroni fiasco
* Is out on bail and living with Jana and Kevin

Who's played Ryder Callahan over the years?

Wilson Bethel (July 2009 - March 3, 2011 )

Past History

Ryder came to town with Deacon Sharpe to get the Terroni painting. His mother is running the operation. Ryder told Kevin Fisher he is his brother and a DNA test appears to have confirmed his claim. Kevin bailed Ryder out of jail, after he confessed to killing a man that Daniel Romalotti was accused of killing, and he is now moving in with Jana and Kevin.

Flings and Relationships



Kevin_Fisher (brother)
Tom Callahan, aka, Tom Fisher (father)




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