Ricky Williams (as played by Peter Porte on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Ricky Williams

* Son of Paul Williams and Isabella Brana.
* Raised by Isabella's parents in California.
* His mother attacked Christine Blair.

Who's played Ricky Williams over the years?

Peter Porte (September 2011 - July 2, 2012 )

Past History

Ricky is the son of Paul Williams and Isabella Brana. When Isabella was sent to prison for attempting to kill Christine Blair, Ricky went to live with his grandparents in California.

Ricky turned up in Genoa City as an adult and assisted Avery on Sharon's trial, working on the opposite side of his half-sister, Heather. In hopes of landing a journalism job at Restless Style, Ricky took compromising photos of his sister and Adam. After he connected with Heather, and learned she also grew up without Paul in her life, he tried to stop the photos from getting out, but it was too late. Ricky was confronted by his father after Heather lost her job and decided to leave town because of the photos.

Ricky currently has a vendetta against his ex-boss, Phyllis, and is digging into her past to expose her secrets and write a tell-all. Paul is concerned he's dangerous after learning that he may have been involved in his ex-girlfriend's death. An informant that was prepared to incriminate Ricky also turned up dead on his way to meet Paul. Ricky has threatened Daisy, Eden, and Tim Reid.

Flings and Relationships



Paul Williams (father)
Isabella Brana (mother)
Patty Williams (aunt)
Heather Stevens (half-sister)


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