Ravi Shapur (as played by Abhi Sinha on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Ravi Shapur

* Works at Jabot Cosmetics
* Has a crush on Ashley Abbott
* Enjoys electronic dance music

Who's played Ravi Shapur over the years?

Abhi Sinha (December 12 2016 - present)

Past History

Ravi Shapur was hired as a technical expert by Ashley Abbott to work on her new Jabot Go app. It immediately became clear that Ravi had a crush on his boss. When Phyllis tried to hire Ravi away, Jack and Ashley signed him to a contract at Jabot, though he wound up working with Phyllis anyway after Jabot bought into Fenmore's. Ravi developed a friendship with both Ashley and Phyllis.

Flings and Relationships

Ashley Abbott (kissed)






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