Phillip ‘Chance’ Chancellor IV (as played by John Driscoll on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Phillip ‘Chance’ Chancellor IV

* Has been away serving in Iraq
* Grew up thinking his father was dead
* Was raised by his mother, Nina Webster
* Was worried he might have Huntington's Disease
* Was engaged to Chloe Mitchell

Who's played Phillip ‘Chance’ Chancellor IV over the years?

John Driscoll (July 16 - November 9, 2011)
Penn Badgley (2000 - 2001)

Past History

Phillip IV was born amidst suspicion cast by his grandmother, Jill, that he may not actually be his father's biological son. Tests proved that he was, and his parents were married. His father died in an accident (or so they thought) when he was a young boy, and Nina left Genoa City to raise him.

Phillip IV came back to town from serving the military in Iraq. He learned that his presumed dead father is alive - this was discovered by his mother, who had come back to town to write Katherine's memoirs into a screenplay! While building a relationship with his father, who is now back in Australia, Chance fell for Chloe Mitchell and became a detective on the GCPD. He proposed to Chloe, but was turned down. Recently, after having his life in danger, and being particularly busy on the job, Chloe decided they should be engaged after all, and proposed. Chance was working on the Adam Wilson case and is guarding Heather Stevens, who has a crush on him! When he cheated with Heather, his relationship with Chloe broke apart. Recently, his long-lost brother came back to town undercover and is trying to protect Chance from the danger he's putting himself in!

Flings and Relationships

Heather Stevens
Chloe Mitchell


Nina Webster (mother)
Phillip Chancellor III (father)
Jill Foster Abbott (grandmother)
Billy Abbott (great-uncle)




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