Mia Rosales (as played by Noemi Gonzalez on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Mia Rosales

* Turned up in Genoa City as the ex-wife of Rey Rosales.
* Had sex with Rey's brother Arturo.
* Was Phyllis Newman's stylist for the Jaboutique launch party.

Who's played Mia Rosales over the years?

Noemi Gonzalez (November 12, 2018 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Stylist

Past History

Mia Rosales stormed into Genoa City to reunite with her estranged husband Rey Rosales. It became public that she’d had sex with Rey’s brother Arturo in the past, which left many stunned, including Arturo’s girlfriend Abby Newman. Though Mia insisted she wanted to work things out with Rey, and warned Sharon Newman away from her husband, she continued acting seductive toward her brother-in-law, who wasn’t pleased to have her in town. Outside of her personal life, Mia was excited when Phyllis Newman hired her as her stylist prior to the Jaboutique launch party.

Past Marriages

Rey Rosales (married)

Flings and Relationships





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