Meggie McLaine (as played by Sean Young on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Meggie McLaine

* Ran a bar in Canada.
* Met Victor and Jack when they searched for Adam.
* Came to Genoa City saying she was in danger.
* Moved in with Victor and Nikki at the Ranch.
* Withheld Murphy's pills as he was having a stroke.
* Killed Murphy's son in the past.
* Spiked Nikki's drinks so she would go to rehab.
* Conspired with Deacon when he caught on to her plot.
* Is plotting to marry and then kill Victor.

Who's played Meggie McLaine over the years?

Sean Young (June 8 2010 - present)

Past History

Meggie was working at the bar in Ottawa, Canada where Victor and Jack went looking for Adam. She provided some assistance and hit on Victor to no avail.

Later, Meggie showed up in Genoa City looking for help from Victor. She said the boys from the bar were after her for helping him. Victor put her up at the Ranch and she became Nikki's assistant. Soon, she was spiking Nikki's tea to make her fall off the wagon. Deacon caught her doing this, so she was forced to bring him in on her plot to break up Nikki and Victor. When Murphy saw her at the festival, he suffered a stroke. Meggie withheld his pills in hopes that Murphy would die, but he survived. In the hospital, she injected his IV and he had another massive stroke. He survived but could not communicate. Meggie was shown to have possibly killed a man who may have been Murphy's son in flashbacks.

Meggie told Deacon that her plan, now that Nikki's out of the way in rehab, is to drug Victor, marry him, and then kill him with an overdose of 'little blue pills'.

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