Marge Cotroke (as played by Jeanne Cooper on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Marge Cotroke

* Was found by Clint Radison working in a diner.
* Smokes, drinks etc.
* Impersonated Katherine as part of a con.
* Was released from prison after Katherine claimed she had been duped by conman Clint.
* Is about to lose her house because of her drinking.
* Has contacted old friend Katherine as she has no other friends.

Who's played Marge Cotroke over the years?

Jeanne Cooper (1989 - 1990)

Past History

Marge was discovered by Rex Sterling's (Katherine's husband at the time) former cellmate, Clint Radison. He realized she was a dead ringer for Katherine Chancellor and plotted to steal the wealthy woman's fortune by kidnapping her and putting Marge in her place.

Clint planted two cohorts, Morey and Lil in the Chancellor household first. This pair then trained Marge to act like Katherine. The bunch kidnapped Kay, and pregnant Esther, and held them captive.

Marge, as Katherine, sold Chancellor Industries, and ruined Katherine's relationship with Rex, who filed for divorce with the intention of marrying Katherine's nemesis, Jill!

Clint and co. were ready to sell off the rest of Katherine's assets, when Kay's son Brock made an appearance on the scene and foiled the plot.

They all went to prison, but Katherine developed a kinship with Marge, who she felt was used as a pawn, and helped her gain her release. Marge left town in 1990.

Recently, in October of 2008, Marge has been spotted downing shots in a pub! She contacted Katherine, who came to offer her help and told her to call her if she wants help to quit drinking. As she was leaving a bar, drunk, Marge was spotted by Jeffrey Bardwell, who thought she was Katherine!

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