Lynne Bassett (as played by Laura Bryan-Birn on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Lynne Bassett

* Single.
* Was a victim of rape before coming to Genoa City.
* Always had a love interest in Paul Williams.
* Was caught with Mary Williams breaking and entering into Michael Baldwin's office.

Who's played Lynne Bassett over the years?

Laura Bryan-Birn (1988 - present)

Past History

Hired by Paul Williams in 1988, Lynne Bassett has always been one dependable secretary! She's been there for Paul through thick and thin and has been known to go undercover with him on a few special cases.

Lynne has always held a special place in her heart for Paul. However, other than a handful of dates in their early years, he never reciprocated her feelings. With Paul now working as an investigator for Baldwin and Blair law firm, Lynne has since left Genoa City to live with her mother.

Flings and Relationships

Mother (lives outside Genoa City)




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