Katherine Chancellor (Deceased) (as played by Jeanne Cooper on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Katherine Chancellor (Deceased)

* Resides at the Chancellor Estate at 12 Foothill Road.
* Used to skinny dip as a kid with best friend John Abbott!
* Is a reformed alcoholic.
* One of Genoa City's wealthiest residents.
* Killed her husband when she drove off of a cliff in a drunken rage.
* Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) had a real on-air face lift in 1984.
* Found out her nemesis, Jill, was actually her birth daughter.
* Admitted she switched Jill's son Phillip at birth.
* Retired and let Jill run Chancellor Industries after heart trouble.
* Is writing her memoirs.
* Has taken Amber Moore under her wing.
* Had been forgetting things.
* Was presumed dead after a car accident.
* Was taken in by Murphy who thought she was Marge Cotroke.
* Was proven to be Katherine Chancellor and brought Murphy home to marry him.
* It was proved by DNA test that she is not related to Jill Abbott.
* Katherine's long lost son, Tucker, came to town and took over her company.
* Katherine reconciled with Tucker.

Who's played Katherine Chancellor (Deceased) over the years?

Jeanne Cooper (1973 - May 3, 2013)

Past History

Katherine Chancellor appeared in 1973 as the wife of Chancellor Industries mogul Phillip Chancellor II. After years of feeling neglected, Katherine became an alcoholic and had repeated affairs with the help. After Kay met Jill Foster at the salon she frequented, she hired Jill to become her paid companion. Although Jill tried everything to pull Kay out of the depths of the bottle, it wasn't until Katherine found out that Jill and her husband were having an affair that she sought help. She then encouraged her son Brock to propose to Jill in order to pull her away from Phillip. However, Jill found out that she was pregnant with Phillip's child and had her marriage to Brock annulled without consummation.

When Kay refused to give Phillip a divorce, he set off to the Dominican Republic and obtained it himself. However, tragedy struck after a drunken Kay met Phillip at the airport. During the ride home, Katherine became furious when Phillip continued to push her away and ended up losing control of the car causing it to sail off of a cliff! On his deathbed, Phillip and Jill married just before he passed. From that moment forward, Kay and Jill were brutal enemies.

Katherine's next true love came after Jill hired a bum to seduce Kay, but the plan backfired when Rex Sterling, Danny Romalotti's father, really fell in love with Kay! However their love story didn't last� After Katherine's lifelong friend and maid, Esther Valentine, fell in love with a conman, Rex came upon Norman Peterson robbing Kay's safe and Norma shot Rex dead! Kay was devastated but managed to forgive Esther for bringing Norman into their lives.

Katherine's next challenge arrived after Jill found Phillip's will stating that he wanted Jill to have the Chancellor Estate! Although Kay didn't lose the property, Jill was awarded half of everything and moved into the estate, which sent Kay back to the bottle and on the hunt to find herself.

Emotionally devastated, Katherine was found wandering the streets of Genoa City by runaway Mackenzie Browning. Mac brought Kay to the GC homeless shelter and the two became close friends. After Mac shared a letter with Kay from her dad, a man Mac had never met, Katherine realized that Brock had written it and that Mac was her granddaughter! Finally having someone to live for, Kay brought Mac back to the mansion, managed to get word to Brock, and worked hard to put her new family together.

Her world took a traumatic turn in 2003, when Kay found out that Jill was her biological daughter! Not able to deal with the stress of the new revelation or with Jill's animosity that Kay had thrown her away at birth, Katherine hit the bottle again. Even though her family confronted her with an intervention, it wasn't until Kay had a dream about Rex returning from the dead to help her that Katherine finally admitted herself into a rehab to get well.

In late 2006, Katherine threw herself back into the corporate world when she bought Jabot Cosmetics just as the company was about to go belly up. Unbeknownst to her, she ended up selling the company to the House of Kim without knowing that Jack was the secret owner! Shortly after, Katherine lost her lifelong friend John Abbott to a stroke. After her grandson Billy, Jill's son, returned to GC for John's funeral, Katherine and Jill seemed to be at each other's throats. To make things worse, Kay found out that Billy had a gambling addiction and thought it best to send him off to work for the House of Kim in Hong Kong. With the help of Jack, Billy moved overseas and Jill blamed Kay for pushing him away.

During the fall of 2006, Katherine began to have nightmares about a baby exchanging hands. Thinking they had something to do with Jill as a baby, Kay and Jill had a DNA test for fear that Jill wasn't really her daughter, but the test proved that the two were mother and daughter giving them both much relief. However, the nightmares didn't stop and after taking part in a reading with world-renowned psychic Silvia Browne, Katherine put the clues together and realized that, in a drunken rage of jealousy, years and years ago, Kay had switched Jill's baby at birth, not wanting her to have anything that belonged to her beloved Phillip.

With nothing more that the knowledge that Katherine had given the child to a woman named 'Violet,' along with a very large, very exquisite diamond ring, she went on the hunt to locate her daughter's real son and make up for the mistake that threatened to ruin Jill and Kay's relationship for good! Cane arrived in Genoa City looking for his biological mother and was found to be Jill's real son.

Katherine let Jill takeover the reigns at Chancellor after experiencing heart trouble. She began to write her memoirs with the help of Amber Moore. When on her way to drive Marge Cotroke to a rehab facility, they were in a car crash. Marge died, but everyone thought it was Katherine, who had really been taken in by the kindly Murphy. Katherine and Murphy fell in love, and when it was proven by DNA that she was alive, and that Jill was not her biological daughter, she finally returned home to plan her wedding to Murphy.

Katherine had a challenge when her long lost son, Tucker McCall, came to town and took over her company. She and Tucker eventually formed a relationship, but became estranged again when he tried to take Beauty of Nature from Victor. Katherine learned that Devon was her grandson from Tucker, and struggled to forge a relationship with him as well. Eventually they became close. Tucker left town having repaired his relationship with his mother to some extent. Jill returned to Genoa City to help Katherine when she came out of retirement to run Chancellor after Neil left for Jabot. Katherine began having memory troubles and Cane urged her to go get checked out. It turned out Katherine had a tumor in her brain, pressing on a nerve. Following surgery, Katherine stepped down from her company and placed Cane in her spot, upsetting Jill in the process.

Flings and Relationships

John_Abbott (deceased)
Arthur Hendricks
Douglas Austin
Felipe Ramirez
Jerry Cashman (deceased)
Brent Davis (deceased)
Mitchell Sherman
Arthur Hendricks


Patrick Murphy (husband)


Brock Reynolds (son with Gary Reynolds)
Tucker McCall (son with Arthur Hendricks)
Devon Hamilton Winters (grandson)
Mackenzie Browning (granddaughter)


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