Karen Taylor Winters (as played by Nia Peeples on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Karen Taylor Winters

* Was Nikki Newman's campaign manager.
* Went to work at Newman Enterprises and began dating Neil.
* Started singing at Indigo after help from Pat Benetar.
* Moved in with Neil, but moved out and left town briefly when he brought up the idea of children.
* Returned to Genoa City and resumed dating Neil after he came looking for her.
* Told Neil that her mom died when she was 12 years old.
* Told Victoria that her mother died of a disease, and that she carries the gene, which is why she doesn't want to have children.
* Moved back in with Neil and they married.
* Divorced Neil after his affair with Tyra was exposed.

Who's played Karen Taylor Winters over the years?

Nia Peeples (April 2007 - May 14, 2009)

Past History

Karen first appeared in Genoa City in April 2007 to aid Nikki Newman in her race against Jack Abbott for the senate seat.

Karen soon wound up working at Newman Enterprises, and began dating Neil Winters. They have had a rocky relationship at times, but now live together.

Karen recently told Neil that her mother passed away when she was twelve years old, and told Victoria that her mother died of a disease that Karen may carry the gene for - this is why she doesn't want to have children!

Karen and Neil married, but it was short-lived as he had an affair with Tyra that caused Karen to leave him and file for divorce!






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