Joe Clark (as played by Scott Elrod on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Joe Clark

* Was formerly married to Avery.
* Came to Genoa City as a real estate broker trying to buy up small businesses for development.
* Did business with Cane in Chicago.

Who's played Joe Clark over the years?

Scott Elrod (October 1 2014 - present)

Past History

Joe Clark is Avery Bailey Clark's ex-husband. They divorced after Avery had an affair with Dylan McAvoy due to Joe's pre-occupation with his work. Joe phoned Avery once to see how she was doing before showing up unexpectedly on her doorstep, and saying he was in town on business. As it turned out, Joe's business included trying to buy up Genoa City properties, one of which was Dylan's Crimson Lights. When Avery and Dylan found out Joe was brokering the deal, Avery began working to build a legal defense. Joe has showed up in her office and kissed her. He thinks she still harbors feelings for him. Joe also knows Cane from previous business dealings in Chicago, and stays at the Athletic Club, where he has charmed the ladies and tried to talk Cane into getting back into big business.

Flings and Relationships


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