Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore (as played by Jess Walton on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore

* Was paid to keep company with Katherine Chancellor.
* Had an affair with Katherine's husband Phillip.
* Was arrested for shooting Victor Newman.
* Paid Mamie Johnson one million dollars to leave town.
* Fought with Jack Abbott over many of the dealings at Jabot.
* Found out she was Katherine's biological daughter.
* Found out that Philip wasn't actually her son, and found her real son, Cane Ashby.
* Loved Ji Min Kim until he was murdered.
* When running Chancellor Industries, she appointed Cane CEO of Jabot.
* Found out she is going to be a grandmother by Esther's daughter, Kate/Chloe.
* Lost all her money in the Caymans bank collapse.
* Learned that Cane is not really her son, and that Phillip sent him when he faked his death.
* Fell out with Katherine when it was revealed that they're not actually related.
* Made amends with Katherine, was reinstated at Jabot, and offered shares in Chancellor Industries.
* Was let go from Jabot when Tucker McCall, her former lover, took over Chancellor Industries.
* Lost her adoptive mother, Liz Foster, who confessed on her deathbed that Jill is Neil Fenmore's daughter.
* Sued Lauren for half of Fenmore assets.

Who's played Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore over the years?

Jess Walton (1987 - present)
Judith Chapman (used as a replacement when Walton was sick)
Melinda Fee (1984)
Deborah Adair (1980 - 1983)
Bond Gideon (1980)
Brenda Dickson (1973 - 1980, 1983 - 1987)

Past History

In 1973, Jill Foster was a dreamer and worked in a salon as a manicurist with the hopes of living the high life. After meeting Katherine Chancellor, Jill took a job as Kay's companion. Although Jill and Kay were very close, Jill ended up having an affair with Katherine's husband Phillip. Feeling guilty, Jill accepted a marriage proposal from Kay's son Brock and the two married. However, Jill found out that she was pregnant with Phillip's child and ended her marriage with Brock before it was consummated.

Philip was happy with Jill's news and asked Kay for a divorce. However, Jill and Phillip's love affair ended abruptly after a drunken Kay picked him up from the airport and lost control of the car causing Phillip's death. Jill gave birth to a son, Phillip, and so Jill and Kay's long rivalry begins� For many years, Jill and Kay found themselves fighting over the same men, the Chancellor estate and constantly at each other's throats!

Jill went on to marry wealthy John Abbott, who gave her a job at Jabot, then had an affair with his son Jack, causing John to file for divorce. Jill found out that she was pregnant, but never knew who the father was due to a miscarriage. Wanting to keep the family disgrace secret, John awarded Jill a hefty divorce settlement: One-fourth of Jabot, a seat on the board, and an executive job with a salary of $150,000 a year!

Although Jill became a success at Jabot, her family life continued to dissipate. After her son Phillip married Nina Webster, against Jill's liking, he drove drunk and died in a car accident.

Throughout the years, Jill jumped from affair to affair until she finally won her way back into John Abbott's heart and the two remarried and had a son, Billy. Although John wasn't keen on the idea of having another child at his age, he was granted custody of Billy after catching Jill engaged in an affair with Jed Sanders. John and Billy moved to New York and Jill was left to battle with Katherine once again.

After finding that Phillip Chancellor wanted Jill to have his estate, Jill took Katherine to court and ended up winning half of the Chancellor estate. Although unbearable, the two lived under the same roof. When Billy returned home, to Jill's dismay, he fell in love with Katherine's granddaughter Mackenzie Browning. However, Jill got the shock of her life in 2003 when Katherine found out that Jill was her long lost daughter! Jill went on to find her father and even ended up forgiving Katherine for throwing her away as a child.

One of the most amazing mother and daughter reunions in daytime history, just when Jill and Katherine had put their sordid pasts behind them, in January of 2007, Jill was faced with a confession from Katherine that would change her life forever! Through a series of disturbing nightmares, Katherine realized that she had switched Jill's son with another baby at birth, meaning that Jill's 'real' son was indeed alive!

Jill has been reunited with her real son, Cane Ashby, and made peace with her mother over the matter. She is running Chancellor Industries, and still mourns the death of her lover, Ji Min Kim. She appointed Cane as CEO of Jabot, and had her other son, Billy, return to town.

Jill's life was turned upside-down when Katherine was believed dead. When Kay finally turned up alive, it was revealed that they are not mother and daughter. While still reeling from that, Jill learned that Cane is not her son, but an impostor, and that Phillip had faked his death - sending Cane to GC to take his place! Jill lost her money in the Caymans bank collapse and wound up doing manicures for a living for a brief time. She made amends with Katherine, finally, and was offered a position back at Jabot, running things with Jack. When Kay decided to take Chancellor public, she offered Jill shares.

When Cane's father, Colin Atkinson, came to town, he started wooing Jill almost immediately. She soon became smitten and accepted a proposal of marriage. When it was revealed that Colin was trying to steal Cane and Lily's twins, and that he was still married to Genevieve, Jill professed hatred for the man and called it all off. Colin managed to wiggle back into Jill's good graces after she made up with Cane (who had led everyone to believe he was dead), and he sealed the deal by divorcing Genevieve. Jill was fully back in love with Colin when she learned that he was plotting to kill Genevieve and Gloria, and that he didn't even care if Lily got caught in the crossfire. She seduced him and handcuffed him to the bed, before calling the police to come and get him.

Jill dealt with the ordeal of Delia having leukemia and Billy going missing. She and Victoria traveled to Myanmar looking for him and believed he might be dead until Cane revealed that Billy was alive. She shared a happy reunion with her son when he came home at Thanksgiving.

Jill went to Australia for a time to help Phillip, and returned at the behest of Tucker McCall, who was concerned about Katherine's plans to begin working full-time again running Chancellor. Jill convinced Katherine to let her run it with her, and started dating Tucker. She is pushing for a reconciliation between him and Katherine.

Flings and Relationships

David Mallory
Steven Williams
Andy Richards
Marc Mergeron
Rex Sterling
David Kimble
Blade Bladeson
Jed Sanders
Michael Crawford
Keith Dennison
Sean Bridges
Larry Warton
Elliot Hampton
Ji Min Kim
Jeffrey Bardwell
Tucker McCall
Colin Atkinson


Neil Fenmore (biological father)
Lauren Fenmore (half-sister)
William Foster (father by adoption)
Elizabeth Foster (mother by adoption)
Greg Foster (brother by adoption)
William 'Snapper' Foster (brother by adoption)
Phillip Chancellor IV (grandson)
Jennifer Elizabeth Foster (niece by adoption)
Pierre Charles Roulland (nephew by adoption)
Bruce Henderson (uncle by adoption)
Mark Henderson (cousin by adoption)
Lorie Brooks (cousin by adoption)
Cordelia Abbott (granddaughter)


Billy Abbott
Phillip Chancellor III (son with Phillip II - deceased)
Miscarriage (with either Jack or John Abbott)


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