Jack Abbott (as played by Peter Bergman on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Jack Abbott

* Divorced from Sharon Collins Newman Abbott.
* Resides at the Abbott Mansion at 603 Glenwood Drive.
* Convicted of shooting Jill and got off on community service.
* After causing Victor to collapse, Jack left him for dead but ended up coming back to save him.
* Took over Newman Enterprises with the help of Brad Carlton.
* Tricked his father into writing and signing a new will cutting Gloria out of an inheritance.
* Created the House of Kim through which he inadvertently bought back Jabot!
* Was considered a suspect by many for the murder of Carmen Mesta.
* Began Restless Style magazine with Nick Newman and their wives.
* Lost his share of the magazine to Nick in a coin toss, which allowed Nick to buy him out!
* Tried to get Jabot back by partnering with Gloria and Jeffrey.
* Was fired by Jill from Jabot, but reinstated by Katherine.
* Was duped by ex-wife Patty Williams.
* Got involved with Patty's psychiatrist, Dr. Emily Peterson.

Who's played Jack Abbott over the years?

Peter Bergman (1989 - present)
Terry Lester (1980 to 1989)

Past History

In 1980, Jack Abbott was one of Genoa City's most eligible bachelors. A playboy of sorts, Jack's numerous affairs and partying made his father doubt his dedication to the family business. In an attempt to prove he'd grown up, Jack married the meek, almost innocent, Patty Williams. However, Jack soon went back to his old ways when a pregnant Patty walked in on him having an affair with Diane Jenkins! Although Patty shot Jack three times, he recovered, Patty lost the baby and the two divorced.

After a few more flings, Jack went on to marry his rival Victor Newman's ex-wife Nikki. Even though Jack and Nikki had a child, who died from premature birth, Nikki could never get over Victor and she and Jack divorced. Throughout the years, Jack and Victor were at each other's throats. Victor took over Jabot, Jack took over Newman, and even left Victor to die on his office floor! However, Jack ended up getting Victor help, which in turn saved his life.

In 2000, Jack's lost love from his time served in Vietnam showed up in Genoa City! The two immediately reconnected and fell in love, then Luan informed Jack that they had a son! With the help of Paul and Christine Williams, Keemo was located and brought back to GC. However, Jack's true happiness came to an end when Luan died from a terminal disease and his son returned to his home in Vietnam.

Shortly after, Jack again found his heart broken after falling for and proposing to Diane Jenkins. But Victor came in and swooped Diane out from under Jack, leaving Jack enraged with revenge. Although Jack had plotted and succeed with another Newman takeover, he found himself returning the company to Victor and actually owing him money in order to get Jabot back in the Abbott control!

Jack fell in love with Phyllis Summers during a time when she was working and spying on him for Victor Newman. After Jack found out, he broke things off with Phyllis and she left Genoa City to move back to New York. Three years later, Phyllis returned and Jack hired her to build the Glow by Jabot website. However, when Jack didn't make an effort to keep her on, Phyllis went to work for Newman!

Phyllis and Jack's relationship survived, and even though she had an ectopic pregnancy and was told she couldn't have any more children, Jack married her in 2001. Jack later found out that he was the father of Diane Jenkins' son. With Jack and Phyllis working for opposing companies, the stress on their marriage became immense and they ended up in extramarital affairs. They filed for divorce and broke their ties.

At a time when Jabot was on the verge of bankruptcy, Victor Newman dirty handedly destroyed Jack's attempt to bring Jabot back to the top! Jack got his revenge when Victor's own son, Jack's once stepson, Nick, turned his own father in to the Feds! However, just when Jack's family was about to accept Victor's restitution offer of seventy-five million, with a clause that Jack never work at Jabot again, Jack resigned from the family company and went to become CEO of Chancellor Enterprises.

Jack's next battle came when his father met and fell in love with Gloria Fisher. After Gloria's ex-husband Tom Fisher came to town, fearing for his family's life, John Abbott shot and killed Tom, and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Jack's biggest devastation came with the death of his father shortly before he was to be pardoned and released from prison. Blaming Gloria as the reason for his father going to prison in the first place, Jack tried to strip her of the Abbott name after finding out that she and his father were never legally married. In the end, although Gloria had been shut out of John's will, due to Jack's manipulation, a judge allowed her to keep the Abbott name.

Although Jack and Phyllis got back together before John's death, they continued to have work related problems and with Nick Newman's marriage on the rocks, Phyllis and Nick began a passionate affair! When Phyllis became pregnant, Jack saw a glimmer of hope that the baby could be his. However, Jack was informed that a paternity test was administered and Nick was the father.

Determined to carry on his father's legacy, Jack regained control of Jabot through his other company the House of Kim! He ended up a suspect in Carmen Mesta's murder, but was never charged. Jack has married Sharon Collins Newman, and they partnered for a brief time with Nick Newman and Phyllis Newman to start up a magazine called Restless Style. The foursome didn't work well together and Nick bought out Jack's interest.

Jack plotted with Adam against Victor, which landed Adam in jail. Jack ended up back at Jabot as a part of a revenge scheme devised by Victor, but was fired again by Jill. With Katherine being proven to be alive, Jack was reinstated. Jack got divorced from Sharon and got involved with Mary Jane Benson, who turned out to be his ex-wife, Patty Williams.

Jack was devastated when he learned that Patty was brought to town by Victor Newman as a revenge scheme, and it led to the death of his niece, Colleen. Jack became involved with Dr. Emily Peterson, the psychiatrist Patty had plastic surgery to resemble, and Patty switched places with her, duping Jack into marrying her. Once that was straightened out, Emily left Jack. He plotted to keep his co-CEO position at Jabot, which is run by Tucker McCall, to no avail. Jack went to Hawaii with Phyllis to try to find evidence of Sharon's innocence in Skye's murder. He and Phyllis were dating, but she cheated on him with Nick and Jack dumped her.

When the opportunity arose, Jack happily bought Abby's shares of Newman, and embarked on an affair with Diane, who was married to Victor. Jack offered to trade his shares of Newman to Tucker for Jabot, but Tucker refused. Jack, Adam, and Diane plotted to buy Newman stock at a low price by making people believe Victor was dead. They raked in the profits, and Victor's wrath. Victor sued all three of them for stock fraud. Diane made a deal for immunity and Jack shut down the Newman Fund. He later regained control of Jabot.

Jack and Genevieve Atkinson began dating. Her maid was Patty Williams in disguise, stalking Jack. Jack proposed to Genevieve but she soon became the owner of Beauty of Nature and kept the purchase from Jack. Jack was devastated when he found out, and went to confront her. Patty, posed as Genevieve, shot him. He almost died during surgery, and paralyzed after. He rejected Genevieve.

Jack began physical therapy with Sarge, who was tough on him. Nikki offered support but Jack was frustrated with his progress and wanted to have risky surgery.

Genevieve offered to sell BON to Jack if he would forgive her and marry her. He agreed to meet her in Vegas but slept with Nikki upon arrival. Genevieve bedded Victor and sold him BON, but eventually ownership reverted to Jack and he merged it with Jabot.

Kyle came back to town, upset about his dad Jack's new relationship with Nikki. Nikki ended things with Jack so he could repair his relationship with his son. Kyle wanted his dad to be happy though, and gave them his blessing to get married.

Jack decided against the surgery and kept working with Sarge. His doctor began to think Jack's paralysis was mental, not physical. Victor and Sharon showed up at Jack and Nikki's wedding to announce their own union, but it didn't stop the wedding. Jack surprised Nikki by standing on his own, and they were married. But instead of honeymooning, Nikki searched for a suddenly missing Victor while Jack prepared to take over Newman Cosmetics - and divorced Nikki.

A setback with his injuries from the shooting caused Jack to secretly begin to abuse painkillers at the same time he reconnected with Phyllis. His abuse was soon leaked to the press by Kyle in an effort to save his dad. Jack relapsed and woke up New Year's Day to find a dead prostitute, and the daughter of a congressman, on his floor. Adam got rid of the body, a setup by Victor, and Jack went to rehab. Phyllis helped him get through withdrawal.

Nikki told Jack about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and he encouraged her to share the news with Victor. Later, Congressman Wheeler put a hit on Victor, so Jack and Victor worked together to prove Wheeler was involved in the death of Belinda Rogan.

Jack and Phyllis moved in together. Phyllis revealed to Jack that he was Summer's real dad and all three grew closer. After a fall at the MS Gala, Phyllis needed brain surgery, but was never able to tell Jack that Sharon had switched the results and Nick was really Summer's father before she slipped into a coma. Jack put a ring on Phyllis' finger and considered them engaged. Summer and Jack began to connect.

Jack regularly flew to Georgia to be with Phyllis, who was still in a coma. He also kept everyone together when his niece Delia was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Jack and his team realized a Chancellor subsidiary was illegally selling pills online, which put Summer in the hospital. Jack was able to get an investigation launched.

Adam asked Jack to be his son Connor's godfather. Jack agreed. Adam admitted Victor was blackmailing him but wouldn't tell Jack why. When Adam was thought to have been killed, Jack urged Chelsea to keep Connor away from Victor.

His assistant Hilary Curtis spontaneously kissed him at the Delia Project Valentine's Day Benefit, but he seemed more intrigued with Kelly Andrews. A hostage situation arose at the gala and he was able to negotiate Chelsea's release. After he learned Kelly slept with his brother Billy, he offered her money to leave town. Insulted, she tore the check up in his face.​ Jack began running into Kelly around town and eventually she softened toward him and they began dating. Summer was initially upset that Jack was 'giving up' on her mom, but she eventually came to accept that Jack couldn't be expected to wait for something that might never happen. Jack and Kelly weathered Summer running off with fugitive Austin, and later marrying him. Jack, who had seen Kelly hugging Ben, learned that they were siblings with a family secret. When Jack decided it was time to move on with Kelly officially, he paid the comatose Phyllis a visit to say goodbye. Jack and Kelly later told Summer together about their decision and that Kelly had moved into the Abbott mansion. She was accepting, but vowed never to give up hope for Phyllis' recovery.

Jack and Kelly were attending Nick and Sharon's wedding when Phyllis appeared dressed in a white dress in the church. Jack rushed to her side as she collapsed and went with her to the hospital. Jack arrived at home to find Kelly moving out. They made love, but she left in the morning. Jack then brought Phyllis home from the hospital and due to the doctor's warnings, elected not to tell her about Kelly right away. Phyllis brought out the truth about Summer's paternity, and she and Jack told Summer that Nick, not Jack, was her biological father together. Jack was angry with Phyllis for not telling him before luring Sharon back to the scene of the crime for a public reveal and took up with Kelly at the Club for comfort. Resigned to telling Phyllis he and Kelly were now together, Jack headed home to find Phyllis, who had discovered the truth on her own after stealing Jack's phone, wanting to cement their commitment. Jack proposed and made love to Phyllis, who declared she would have Kelly Andrews plan their engagement party. Jack prepared to tell Kelly he was engaged to Phyllis, but her mother had a heart attack. Kelly assumed Jack had told Phyllis about them.

Flings and Relationships

Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (drunk sex led to random hookups)
Kelly Andrews
Emily Peterson
Diane Jenkins Newman
Ellen Winters
Mari Jo Mason
Diane Jenkins Newman
Leanna Love


John Abbott (father - deceased)
Dina Abbott Mergeron (mother)
Robert Abbott (grandfather - deceased)
Ashley Abbott (half-sister)
Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly (sister)
Billy Abbott (half-brother)
Colleen Carlton (niece)
Abby Carlton (half-neice)
Robert Carlton (half-nephew - deceased)


Keemo Volien Abbott (son with Luan)
Unborn Child (with Nikki Newman - miscarriage)
Unnamed Son (with Nikki Newman - deceased shortly after birth)
Kyle Jenkins (son with Diane Jenkins Newman)


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