Ian Ward (as played by Ray Wise on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Ian Ward

* Ran the cult, 'The Path' that Nikki and Paul were in when they were young.
* Has a reputation for taking advantage of young women, including Nikki.
* Was believed to have fathered Dylan with Nikki, but it turned out he was sterile.
* Tried to extort money from Nikki.
* Helped raise Mariah in the cult.

Who's played Ian Ward over the years?

Ray Wise (January 23 2014 - present)

Past History

Ian Ward turned up in Genoa City on Nikki's doorstep after Dylan went looking for him, believing him to be his biological father based on information Nikki provided. Nikki believed that Ian had taken advantage of her during her time in his cult and had fathered a child (Dylan) she gave up for adoption. Ward copped on to the fact that Nikki was a wealthy woman and tried unsuccessfully to extort money from her while also attempting to get close her her granddaughter, Summer. He wound up in jail for a brief time and taunted both Dylan and Paul by alluding to a 'secret'.

When Ian got out of jail he continued to try and push Dylan's buttons, and even mentioned his PTSD. He made Dylan the beneficiary of his will in a move that appeared to be insurance against Dylan harming him. It was also revealed that Ian had a connection to Mariah Copeland, the girl who Victor hired to torment Sharon because of her uncanny resemblance to the late Cassie Newman. It turned out Ian was a father figure to Mariah, who grew up in 'The Path' cult with her neglectful mother. After Ian's ex-wife told Victor and Nikki that Ian has been sterile since an accident in his late teens, and Paul was revealed as Dylan's father, Ian announced his intention to sue Nikki for leading him to believe he was Dylan's father, even though Ian knew he was sterile and had even told Leslie, his lawyer. Ian is also pushing Mariah to get close to Sharon.

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