Harmony (Yolanda) Hamilton (as played by Debbi Morgan on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Harmony (Yolanda) Hamilton

* Had her children taken from her because she was addicted to drugs.
* Had a one-night stand with Tucker McCall when she was a groupie.
* Cleaned up in rehab once in the past, but relapsed.
* Once showed up in town and hit on Neil Winters.
* Worked at a diner
* Changed her name from Yolanda to Harmony.

Who's played Harmony (Yolanda) Hamilton over the years?

Debbi Morgan (October 7, 2011 - October 30, 2012)
Chene Lawson (June 30, 2005 - January 24, 2006)

Past History

Yolanda Hamilton was a drug addict who is the biological mother of Devon and Ana Hamilton. Her kids were taken from her when Devon was only six years old. Yolanda's sister, Tyra, took Ana, and Devon lived with his grandmother before ending up in the foster care system.

Yolanda cleaned up her act once before and turned up in Genoa City. Things were going well until she ruined everything by coming onto Neil.

Yolanda came back to town after seeing that Devon found his biological father, Tucker McCall. She was clean, and was working in a diner as a waitress when she saw the news on a customer's laptop. Yolanda arrived at Devon's door saying she changed her name to Harmony when she changed her life.

Since her return, Harmony has ingratiated herself with Genoa City residents. She moved in with Katherine, and has rebuilt a relationship with Devon and even Ana. She and Tucker worked together to help Devon get surgery to restore his hearing, but things got difficult after that when she flirted with Neil and wound up in bed with Tucker, who was married to Ashley at the time. Harmony took the bulk of the blame and was on the outs with Devon until he decided to forgive her. Her attraction to Neil remained, and they recently began dating after he split from Sofia.

Flings and Relationships

Tucker McCall


Tyra Hamilton (sister)


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