Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (as played by Judith Chapman on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell

* Widowed by husband John Abbott.
* Widowed by husband William Bardwell.
* Resides at the Abbott Mansion in the pool house.
* Was blackmailed by Tom Fisher.
* Tainted Jabot moisturizer in an attempt to make Ashley look bad, but ended up killing a woman.
* Was cut out of John's will by Jack and Ashley and thrown out of the Abbott estate.
* Won the right to keep the Abbott name.
* Was blackmailed into marrying Jeffrey Bardwell.
* Was invited to move into the Abbott pool house by Jack, who realized that she had started a foundation in memory of John.
* Was divorced from Jeffrey, but only briefly, before remarrying him on June 30th, 2008 in Vegas!
* Schemes to get back into Jabot Cosmetics after being fired by Jill Foster Abbott!

Who's played Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell over the years?

Judith Chapman (January 2005 - present)
Joan Van Ark (June 2004 - January 2005)

Past History

In 2004, Gloria Fisher followed her son Kevin back to Genoa City after he had a run-in with the law. Although Gloria's relationship with her two sons, Michael and Kevin, was badly damaged, the Fisher-Baldwin family pulled together and faced many demons - both past and present.

While living with Michael, Gloria had the privilege of using his membership to the GC Athletic Club where she first laid eyes on the wealthy John Abbott. Not aware that Gloria was the mother of two of the most detested men to the Abbott's, John became smitten with Gloria and ended up taking her on a cruise to elope without his family's knowledge! Even though Gloria stooped to such measures as hiring two actors to front as her sons, John eventually found out about Michael and Kevin and was furious with Gloria for lying to him. However, after Gloria stood by his side during his recovery from hip replacement surgery, he forgave her.

Gloria's past soon came back to haunt her when her ex-husband Tom Fisher came to town. To her surprise, Gloria found out that the divorce papers were never filed and that she was still married to Tom! To keep her secret from John, Gloria granted all of Tom's blackmailing wishes and even kept quiet about his identity when he started dating John's daughter Ashley. In the end, John found out, but amazingly stood by Gloria in an attempt to rid her from such an abusive man and protect his family at the same time! After overhearing Tom threatening Gloria on the phone, John grabbed his gun and fled the house in search of Tom. When he found him, John shot him dead and was later sentenced to seven years in prison.

Filled with guilt for bringing Tom into their lives, Gloria threw herself into her job at Jabot. However, John's children, Jack and Ashley did everything to make her life a living hell. To get back at them, Gloria tampered with Ashley's new line of cream to make her look bad. Gloria even asked Ashley for a sample, then screamed with horror at the burns the cream produced! Little did Gloria know that other samples of the cream had been distributed and one woman even died after using it! Gloria's involvement in the scandal was never found out, but John's children continued to harass her.

In 2006, during his time in jail, John became delusional due to an overdose in his medications and Jack managed to get John to change his will, leaving Gloria with nothing! Just as the Governor was about to grant John a pardon, he suffered a stroke. On life-support, Gloria was the only one who had the authority to allow the doctors to unplug John's machines. Though it broke her heart, Gloria gave in to John's family and allowed him to die in peace. Even through John's death, Jack tried to exclude Gloria by scheduling his service an hour early, leaving Gloria and her son to say their good-byes alone.

While Gloria had been left 50 % of John's assets, during court the 'new' will, in which Jack scammed John to write while experiencing a lapse in memory, surfaced and Gloria was granted nothing! Jack threw her out of the mansion and Gloria moved in with Michael and Lauren. However, later when Jack and Ashley brought Gloria back to court to force her to stop using the Abbott name, a judge turned them down and granted Gloria the right to keep it!

With the help of friends and family, Gloria managed to keep her job at Jabot, and wound up married to William Bardwell. Unfortunately, Will found out the truth about the cream, but took the knowledge with him when he died. Gloria thought she was off the hook, but Will's brother Jeffrey soon turned up in Genoa City with evidence of the tainted cream and blackmailed Glo into marrying him so he could get his hands on her money. Gloria called his bluff and they got divorced. But, they realized they had fallen in love and have remarried. Jill fired Gloria from Jabot, but Gloria is never without a plan - she and Jeffrey are working with Jack to try and takeover Jabot once again!

Flings and Relationships

Jack Abbott (drunk sex led to random hookups)
Ben (the actor who she had pose as Michael)
Alistair Wallingford (John Abbott look-a-like)
Lowell/River Baldwin (Michael's father, never married)


Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (daughter-in-law)
Jana_Hawkes (daughter-in-law)


Michael Baldwin (son with Lowell Baldwin)
Kevin Fisher (son with Tom Fisher)
Fenmore Michael Baldwin (Grandson by Michael Baldwin)


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