Gina Roma (as played by Patty Weaver on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Gina Roma

* Single.
* Resides at the Genoa City Athletic Club.
* Spent time in prison for being a con artist.
* Her father Rex Sterling was hired to con Katherine, but fell in love with Kay instead!
* Was conned into marriage by Clint Radison who is still said to be her husband.
* Had a love interest in John Abbott.
* Lost her restaurant to arson and now runs the Athletic Club.

Who's played Gina Roma over the years?

Patty Weaver (1982 - present)

Past History

Raised in a family of con artists, Gina often did the dirty work for her parents, which ultimately landed her in the slammer. After being released from prison, she arrived in Genoa City in 1982 looking to her brother Danny for help in an attempt to go straight and start a new life.

With a little trust from Danny, he was able to get her some singing gigs to get her started, building her reputation, which later enabled her to open the notorious Gina's Italian restaurant.

In 2003, Gina lost her heart and soul when the restaurant was burned down in an arson by Kevin Fisher who was never proven guilty of the crime.

After being conned into a marriage by Clint Radison, Gina has found it hard to trust anyone with her heart. For a brief time, she enjoyed the company of and dated John Abbott. However, Gina found it hard to compete with John's family and his past loves, leaving Gina single once again!

Gina has grown to be a loving woman and everyone in town knows that when they are in need of a quick meal or a party to be planned, they can find her holding the reins at the Athletic Club and always eager to help with open arms! She is also great at giving advice, especially to her nephew, Daniel Romalotti!

Flings and Relationships

Neil Fenmore (Deceased)


Brian Romalotti (AKA - Rex Sterling) (father - deceased)
Unknown Name Romalotti (mother)
Danny Romalotti (brother)
Daniel Romalotti Jr. (nephew)




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